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Do you want to crush that major job interview, have a fantastic first date, be well respected at your job, or impress your wife?  What man wouldn’t want any of these?  The Gentleman Advisor provides men with the tools to live a lifestyle full of love, leadership, personal style.  If you want to take your personal style, grooming, and life skills as a man to a new level of dapper you’re in the right place.

The men of today are no longer satisfied with living and dressing like teenagers.  They want to bring dapper back.  Here at The Gentleman Advisor we work hard to bring you topics that apply specifically to you such as The Gentleman’s Vintage Haircut or The Gentleman’s Facial Hair.  Take a look around at some of our other articles like The Gentleman’s Meeting Dress Code and you’ll see that together we can take your personal style, life, and love to a new level.


Hi. I’m Jason Hotchkiss, the founder and creative director of The Gentleman Advisor and I have a love affair with men’s personal style, life, leadership, and relationships.  The idea for The Gentleman Advisor was created after I realized that as a man, I needed to take my personal wardrobe, leadership skills and love life to a new level.  Soon after spending months of training and being mentored by some of the leading style and life coaches in America, The Gentleman Advisor was born.  My goal is to be available for your questions on style, life, leadership, and love as a gentleman.

Jason Hotchkiss also works as a freelance writer for The Gentleman’s Gazette, leadership consultant, and personal stylist.  He is available for personal wardrobe makeovers, life and leadership consulting by appointment only.


Caden Gilson is a Contributing Writer for The Gentleman Advisor.

Caden currently lives in Waterford, Pa. and is 19 years old.  Don’t allow his age to surprise you.  His ideas and passion that revolve around life, style, and relationships, is packed with experience and wisdom.  In his spare time he enjoys long boarding , writing music, and spending time with friends and family.


Tom Heinrich is the In-House Photographer for The Gentleman Advisor.

About Tom Heinrich, owner/photographer of ThomHenryPhotography:  We are located in Erie, Pennsylvania on Lake Erie, the only Pennsylvania port on the Great Lakes. My main interest is portraiture extending from web clients to weddings, children with their families as well as pets with their adoptive families. My wife Alise (a teacher’s aide) helps with family portraiture at our client’s homes making even the most timid or shy child feel at ease. Photography had been a main interest of mine for years finally becoming a career choice after completing 35 years in the aeronautical and locomotive industries. Coming from a long line of artistic types, photographers, musicians and artists, I now wake up with a purpose, finding that elusive image to add to my portfolio or the perfect image that captures the spirit of my client.