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4 Summer Mistakes to Avoid

Summer whether always equals dressing less to stay comfortably cool.  That means tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, boat shoes and much more.  When it comes to staying comfortable as a gentleman we do what we can.  At the same time a true man will always be presentable no matter what the situation may be. The flip side of it all is it can be so easy for us guys to make a few mistakes when dressing for summer.

In this article we will address 4 Summer Mistakes to Avoid as a man.  If you apply these simple adjustments, your summer wardrobe will flourish and you’ll be that man everyone comes to for style advice.

Mistake #1: The wrong undershirt.

Undershirts are fantastic pieces of material for any man.  They are great because they have several functions for your wardrobe.  First, an under shirt creates an extra layer to catch the perspiration in the hot weather.  This prevents it from reaching your outside layer.  You want to protect your expensive hard-earned clothing.

Photo 2 Undershirts

Classic Crew Neck T-shirts

Second, undershirts are perfect for concealing areas of your body that can be seen through your clothing.  An example of this are tattoos, when you need to keep them hidden for certain reasons such as work.

So what’s the problem with an undershirt?  Well gentlemen, I honestly see it all the time.  I will see a guy rocking a great polo shirt, a well-fit pair of shorts, and boats shoes.  The issue is, he’s wearing the wrong undershirt.  There at several types of undershirts gents.  The majority of men are familiar with the classic Crew Neck T-shirts.

This style of T-shirt provides a great protection for your body and shirt.  The disadvantage though is the high neckline. This is where Mistake #1 comes into play.  Most men will wear a classic crew neck T-shirt with a polo, v-neck T-shirt and even a dress shirt.  Guys, this always sticks out like a sore thumb.  A simple mistake like this one, will draw attention to your wardrobe in the wrong way.

Photo 3 4 Mistakes

What Not to Do

How can you fix itSwitch out your classic crew neck T-shirt and replace it with a V-neck T-shirt.  This is your practical option.  V-necks will generally vary, but basic ones will be low enough that you can leave at least one button undone on your polo or dress shirt.  One last piece of advice.  Don’t wear a V-neck undershirt like you would an actual V-neck T-shirt.  The materials are different and one is presentable by itself.  This particular one is not.

Photo 4 The Undershirt Guy

V-Neck T-Shirt

mistake #2: tiny shorts, daisy-dukes, & denim shorts.

It’s seriously depressing that this actually has to be addressed among men’s style.  If you think that you can get away with wearing tiny shorts, daisy-dukes, or denim shorts, I will severely beat you down (Just joking).  It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional model, don’t wear them.

Photo 5 Man in Jean Shorts

What Not to Wear

How can you fix itThrow them away.  Don’t even give them to Good Will.  Why would you consider punishing the rest of mankind?  Do everyone a favor and dispose of them.  Once you have quarantined your wardrobe then the next step is to replace them with shorts that fit well, that are not cargo, and end just above the knee cap.

Photo 6 Man in Good Shorts

Frank and Oak

Mistake #3: overkill on the colors.

Spring and summer are great seasons to break out those fresh colors from your closet, but keep in mind guys that your wardrobe isn’t a circus.

Photo 7 Circus Clown

Circus Clown

There are forty million types of shirts out there such as graphic T’s and patterns with bold colors.  It so easy to go over board on the colors in your wardrobe.  Please keep in mind that you want each article of clothing to compliment the other.  If one or more articles of clothing are distracting or burning the other person’s eyes then you over killed on the color factor.

Photo 8 Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak

How can you fix it?  Keep it simple.  If it takes you more than five minutes to pick out your outfit you’ve lost.  First, always start with a shirt or pair of shorts or pants as your foundation and then build from there.  Don’t stress yourself out by trying to force a shirt and a pair of pants that wont match.  Second, add one great color to your outfit and keep the rest toned down.  Don’t forget that you want to compliment the color.

mistake #4: worn out sandals, shoes, and flip-flops.

Photo 9 BMW


Think of it this way gentlemen.  You can get your car detailed professionally, but those rust spots still stand out and all that professional detailing doesn’t matter anymore.  Would you want rust spots on this BMW?  Of course not.  You’d do whatever it takes to maintain its perfection.  When you slip on a pair of old and worn flip-flops, street shoes with holes in them, or sandals with broken straps, it has the same effect.

Photo 10 Sandals

Broken Flip-Flops

Invest in high-quality footwear period.  This simple saying always stands true: “You get what you pay for.”  Have you considered being aggressively frugal on other areas of you life so you can extravagantly spend a little more on your wardrobe?  If you normally spend $15.00 a week on coffee and lattes ($5.00 a cup) that adds up to $60.00 a month, which is a descent price for a new pair of great shoes, sandals or flip-flops.

How can you fix it?  First, do an inventory of your current footwear.  Take a good look at everything you have.  I did this one year and found a pair of black sandals that were brand new.  Second, examine your footwear and make sure there are no tears, holes, rips, or pieces missing.  If there are either, get them repaired or pitch them. Why take such a drastic move?  It will force you to buy a new pair that you actually need.  Otherwise you’ll just settle for wearing the current pieces of junk you have.

Photo 11 Man in Sandals

Gentleman In Sandals


Gentlemen start your summer season off right by learning directly from my previous mistakes.  This will save you time, money, and embarrassment.  Remember, you want to be the man that everyone seeks out for style advice, not the man they avoid.

Thank you so much for your amazing support.  Which mistake have you made in the past? Which mistake are you going to change? Tell us your plan by leaving a comment below. Check us out on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for valuable updates, short videos, and ideas that we will never post here.

Stay dapper gentlemen.


Jason Hotchkiss is the Founder and Creative Director for The Gentleman Advisor

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