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The Gentleman’s Box: The Gentleman Advisor Review

Guys let’s be honest for a moment.  There is a mail order subscription for everything under the sun these days.  There are mail order subscriptions for full meals, wine, high-quality liquors, grooming products, socks, men’s razors, and even men’s underwear.  The point is there is a massive variety to choose from and everything will cost you some amount of money.  So how do you get the most “bang for your buck?”

Dollar Shave Club

Here at The Gentleman Advisor we have done all the research for you so you can save your the time, energy, and money.  Please understand that there are multiple companies out there who do a wonderful job attuning to men’s products, but out of all of them so far, we have settled on one particular company.  The Gentleman’s Box.

gentleman's box review

We have tried almost every subscription, only to find that this is the highest quality, multifaceted, and cost efficient product out there. In this article we are going to give you an in-depth review on each product and how you can get one sent right to your house on a monthly basis.  Please know that we are not being paid for what we say about these products.  Enough said, let’s get on with this review.

The Gentleman’s Box.

This medium sized box first shows up in your mail box due to your choosing as a monthly subscription.  When the box arrived we realized it was bigger than an average mail order subscription (Bonus).  In the past though, bigger boxes still only accomodated fewer items, because they were packed with foam peanuts or fillers.  Good news gents!  Not in this box.

When the Gentleman’s Box was opened we were stunned that there was no extra fillers and it was packed full of amazing items.  Let’s take a look at what was in this month’s box.  Before we moved forward maybe I should mention that the box contained six full-size items that came to a total retail cost of $95.00The monthly subscription only cost $25.00 a month.  You do the math.

gq magazine.


GQ Magazine

Each box that you receive comes with the latest edition of GQ Magazine.  This magazine is packed full of insights for the modern gentleman.  Each edition covers topics such as life, style, relationships, fitness and more.  Sure you can purchase a yearly subscription, but you just get the magazine and miss out on all the rest of the amazing goods.

torr attire first class socks.

Have you ever heard of performance-inspired dress socks?  Well if you haven’t your about to hear about this incredible line of socks on a regular basis.  Guys our feet deserve the best since we stand on them and move around with them all day.  The least we can do is appreciate them, by dressing them with the best socks out there.

Gentleman's Box

Torr Attire First Class Socks

O.K. I have personally worn a lot of dress socks with colors, patterns, and even just simple colored socks.  Sure, some have had me come close to committing to their brands until now.  The TORR Performance-inspired Dress Socks that I received in the Gentleman’s Box are like wearing a luxury car on your feet.  If you worry about having to pull them up every few minutes, don’t.  The technology of TORR Performance-inspired Dress Socks gives its wearer a durable snug fit, a built-in compression that surrounds the calves, reinforced stitching to prevent tears in the heels, and seem-less toe closure.  For more information about TORR Performance-inspired Dress Socks click here.

detroit beard collective beard balm.

The beards are back!  Over the past two years beards have made their way back on the faces of men across the globe.  Growing a beard has graduated from being a personal preference, to being part of a man’s personal style.  Beards, when done right, can be works of art on a gentleman’s face.

Gentleman's Box reviews

Detroit Beard Collective Beard Balm

In this Gentleman’s Box we received a full container of Detroit Beard Collective Beard Balm.  Where was this beard butter when I grew a beard last year?!  I spent hours making my own beard balm, but that won’t be happening again.  Gents if you haven’t read our article called The Gentleman’s Beard, then you should.  In that particular article we address all the important needs to take care of your bearded beauty.  Most of all you’ll need some sweet beard balm action.  For more information on Detroit Beard Collective Beard Balm click here.

daneson flavored toothpicks.

Gentlemen imagine with me for a moment that you and your friends have just finished enjoying a delicious steak dinner accompanied by a fine wine or beverage of your choice.  You’re all sitting around the table and enjoying the conversation after the meal.  Of course you want to be a gentleman and make sure there is nothing hanging around in your teeth or theirs.  Naturally you would grab for one of those cheap brittle store-bought tooth picks.  You know, the ones that split and splinter as soon as they hit moisture.

Gentleman's Box

Daneson Flavored Toothpicks

Guys if you’re going to host high-quality steak dinner party, then make sure you have high-quality tooth picks to share with the guys.  Daneson Flavored Toothpicks are top of the line quality for your mouth.  First of all these tooth picks don’t come in a some flimsy sissy cardboard box.  They come in a Daneson marked tube that is sealed.  Second, instead of picking your teeth with splinters, Daneson Toothpicks are flavored with mint, all natural peppermint, spearmint, and sweet fennel.  Third, they come in a variety of flavors such as cinnamint, salted birch, mint, lemon, single malt, and bourbon.  That sounds like a dessert to me. For more information on Daneson Flavored Toothpicks visit then here.

gentleman’s box magnetic collar stays.

It doesn’t matter if you wear a tie or not, the main issue that most men face is with their shirt collar.  There is nothing worse than a collar that flares on a man’s dress shirt.  Collars without collar stays are out of control and annoying in appearance.

Gentleman's Box (6)

I personally have used collar stays for years, until I received this sweet pair of magnetic collar stays from the Gentleman’s Box.  They are simple to use and create an amazing look for your collar.  First turn your shirt around so the back of the collar is facing you.  You will notice toward the points of the collar are little stitched pockets.  That is where you insert the collar stay.

Gentleman's Box (2)

Second, once you have inserted both collar stays into your shirt, now it’s time to put your shirt on.  Once your shirt is on, simply take the remaining magnetic circle and place it on the inside of your shirt and the two magnets will attract keeping your collar dapper.

Gentleman's Box (9)

We wish we could give you a direct link to purchase these, but they are exclusive for the box subscriptions.

proof wooden wallet.

A few years ago  I realized that I had a wallet that was more of a burden than a well needed accessory.  It seemed as though I stored everything in it, including the kitchen sink.

George Costanza

George Costanza Wallet

Finally, I decided to upgrade my archaic wallet to something that suited me better.  I chose to go with a thinner wallet with a money clip attached to it.  It’s treated me well through the years.  But recently I was introduced to a new type of wallet through The Gentleman’s Box.

Say “Hello” to the Proof Wooden Wallet.  Now before you skip this section of the article and try to write this one-off as “stupid,” I challenge you to keep reading.  At first I was little skeptical of it, until I tried it.  I put it to the test.  First, I loaded it up with some Benjamin’s and bank cards.  We needed to see if it would pass the “bulk” test.  There is nothing worse than an over loaded thick wallet hiding in a man’s pocket.  The good news is that it passed and remained thin in my pants pocket.

Gentleman's Box (12)

Proof Wooden Wallet

Second, we had to pass it through the “convenience” test.  Was this wallet convenient to use at the store.  There is nothing more annoying than, standing in the check out line and waiting on someone who fiddles with their wallet.  Once again it passed the test.  Gentlemen if you want to upgrade your wallet with some class and great usage then check out Proof Wooden Wallet.


Where can you find such an incredible deal for high-quality men’s products?  Guys if you’re looking to expand your personal style in unique ways, then consider committing to a monthly subscription with The Gentleman’s Box.  Thank you again for all of your support.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for videos, updates, and insights that are never found here.

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