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To Remove or Not to Remove: Masculine Grooming


As many of you may realize by now, winter is the season for hiding everything on our bodies, but summer is the season where everything is seen.  Winter doesn’t seem to be too much of a threat too us because our face and hands are the only areas of our bodies that are exposed. Summer tends to be our “frenemy (Friend & enemy at the same time).” Most guys don’t consider body hair maintenance beyond their eyebrows.
In this article we’ll discuss the topic of body hair removal for the gentleman.  For every man, we have our back, chest, face, shoulders and well…you know…what your parents called “your special place.”  We’re not focusing on your special place in this article, but we are focusing on your chest and back.

Why Entertain hair removal?

It’s understandable that everyone has a different view-point on this topic.  Some people find men with hairy chests and backs to be attractive.  Others on the other hand do not.  For men who entertain the idea of hair removal from areas of their body is because they find it unattractive.

Usually another common reason for entertaining hair removal for the man’s chest and back is because it’s displays their muscular shape better.  If you’re laughing just “Google search” the covers of fitness magazines.  I have never seen a cover model with a forest on his chest, shoulders, or back.  Just saying.

The top 3 methods to hair removal

Gentlemen there are several proven and unproven methods of hair removal out there. The truth is we don’t have time to write about all of them, and you don’t have time to read about all of them.  Besides you need that extra time to consider how you’re going to get all that hair removed off your chiseled chest.  We chose to lay out for you the top three methods of hair removal.

Method #1: The Wax.

Whether you have even been waxed or heard about it, when the topic of hair removal is mentioned, waxing is the first method that comes to mind. Images of hot wax, unimaginable pain, and people screaming uncontrollably flood people’s minds.  Let’s just be real and understand that some pain is involved.

The reason waxing is known as one of the top three methods for hair removal, is because it removes the hair from the root.  This is what causes the pain in the procedure.  When you get waxed, they will apply a glue-like substance to a strip and then apply it to the designated area.  The next step is to quickly remove the strip and with it comes all your hair.  The advantage of waxing is you will be without hair for almost six weeks.

The downside of waxing is the painful process that it entails.  The more you do it, the more you will get used to it.  If you’re looking to do it at home on your own, good luck.

Method #2: Shaving.

If you’re like me personally, most men spend time shaving their chest and back on a  regular basis.  This is one of the top three methods because it is the simplest and inexpensive ways to removal of body hair.  All that is required is a high quality sharp razor and high quality shaving cream.

In addition to a good razor and high quality shave cream, we suggest investing in a pre-shave oil as well.  This actually enables the razor to glide over your skin and cut the hair instead of shaving another layer of skin off of your chest, shoulders, or back.  Before you start hacking away, we suggest you take a nice hot shower to open up your pores and let those hair follicles rise up.  Finally if you happen to have long hair in these designated areas, please trim it with scissors first to prevent your razor from being clogged.  For quality shaving we recommend The Gillette Mach 3 Razor and The Real Shave Company Shave Cream.

Method #3: Hair Removal Cream.

There seems to be a “cream” for everything in this day and age.  Even for your masculine grooming needs.  The final method we chose are the use of removal creams.


Nad’s Hair Removal Cream for Men

How do these squeeze bottles work exactly?  We’re glad you asked.  The beauty of this little powerful bottle is its pain-free with no razor burn, cuts or agonizing pain of waxing.  You begin by selecting the chosen area for hair removal.  Next, you apply the cream for usually five to ten minutes and allow the cream to dissolve the hair.

Keep in mind that there are many pros to this product, but at the same time you can be left with irritated and sensitive skin.  The other downside to using hair removal creams is that they do not last as long as the method of waxing.  We suggest Nad Hair Removal Cream for Men or Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Cream.


Gentlemen these top three methods will get you heading in the right direction for all of your masculine grooming needs for hair removal.  So what method do you feel comfortable with the most?  Leave us a comment below because we’d love to hear from you.  What are some of the other methods out there that we didn’t mention?  Tell us about them and share with us your recommended products.

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