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The Gentleman’s Summer Feet

Gentlemen summer is on its way and that means that the sandals and flip flops will be making their way out of storage.  It also means that everyone and especially those close to you will be viewing your feet.  You may have purchased a fantastic pair of sandals over the winter months and are eagerly waiting to show them off.  One quick way to ruin those sandals is how un-kept your feet are.  All it takes is a bad odor, jagged toe nails, and unknown fungus to destroy those sweet sandals, but most of that relationship you’ve been working on.

The Focus.

We understand that it’s only the month of April, but by the end of May you’ll be attempting to wear shorts and sandals, so we have to start thinking ahead now.  Preparing our feet for the summer takes a good amount of time and good pampering.  Guys, if you follow what we say and stick with it, everyone will be commenting on your amazing feet.  Let’s get started because there is a lot of work to be done.

Night Time is the Right Time. 

Taking care of our feet isn’t just limited to our morning showers and a bottle of good lotion to place on our feet.  It actually begins at night just before you go to sleep.  Dry, irritated, and cracking skin are three enemies of a man’s feet.  When these three enemies work as a team it creates a breeding ground for fungus under our toe nails and our feet.


Before you go to bed at night rub down your feet with lotion.  Gentlemen, look around and invest in lotion that is made for a man, not a woman.  I urge you to stop being cheap and sneaking your mate’s lotion when she isn’t looking.  You need this…your feet need this.  Rub your feet down with a generous amount of lotion and then cover them with an older pair of socks that you won’t mind discarding once they’re ruined.  Leave them on through the night.  This simple technique helps to moisten and soften your feet while you sleep.  When you wake up apply a moisturizer again after you shower, but don’t apply so much that you end up with greasy feet.

The Right Pair of Socks. 

This may sound ridiculous but wearing the right pair of socks does matter to your feet.  What you wear during the month of April and May will make a difference.  Most guys dress their feet with socks that are made from nylon or low grade cotton.

This type of material works against your feet causing them to sweat more.  We suggest wearing high-quality cotton or take your socks to a new level of dapper and wear cashmere socks.  These will help your feet breathe easier.

Trim the Toe Hair. 

It’s sad to admit, but I have met people who seem to have a jungle on the tops of their toes.  This is not natural guys.  I know that we can lose track of this when we’re focused on our toe nails, but this cannot be overlooked.  Your toe nail kit should always include a pair of scissors.  Please use those scissors to trim each hair individually and keep them short.

Use the Right Equipment.

Gentlemen there are a difference between your finger nails and your toe nails.  Each area needs their own set of equipment.  First, fungus can transfer.  Your “universal” clippers that both sets of nails have been sharing can act as a vehicle for the fungus on your nails and carpool to the next destination.  In order to eliminate this and keep it contained you should have a set of clippers for your hands and for your feet.

Second, your toe nails grow slower.  They will usually only need to be cut every three weeks.  Each set of clippers should include one pair of small clippers, one pair of large clippers, one pair of scissors, one pair of tweezers, one cuticle pusher, and one nail file. Because toe nails grow slower than finger nails, you need to only cut them every two or three weeks with a good pair of clippers.  Make sure you keep those toe nails trimmed and filed.  Jagged toe nails are only good for one thing…grating cheese.  We don’t ever want to do that.

Exfoliate Your Feet.

Yes men can do this.  It’s not just for women.  Whether you jog, run races, or love walking outside without shoes on, your feet develop rough patches to protect sensitive areas.  These areas need to be exfoliated.  It’s not just for you, but for your mate.  The last thing she wants to feel when she rubs her feet against yours is to wonder if she’s lying next to a crocodile.

Pumis stone

First, you can use a pumice stone on those particular areas.  You can find them at your local grocery store.  Second, try using a foot scrub as well to reduce the damage under your feet.

Leave It to the Pros.

Pedicures are available for men and there is nothing wrong with getting them.  If you’re afraid you’ll be surrounded by women and get lost in their territory, don’t fear.  Simply do a “Google” search for establishments that do pedicures for me in your local area.


Handle Everything Else.

When you can’t cure that specific itch caused by athlete’s foot, even after you have scrubbed and treated it, or when your toe nails turn yellow, it’s time seek professional help.  Trying to combat athlete’s foot can be a hard and an exhausting battle to win.  Stop wasting money on creams and sprays and spend it wisely on professional help.


Finally, if your toe nails are yellow, you will need to get to the doctor immediately.  Do not take this lightly.  Generally that discoloration within your nail(s) is the physical result of a fungal infection.  It will need to be examined and treated by a professional.


Happy summer gentlemen!  Remember, don’t wait until summer officially begins to start taking care of your feet.  Start today and you’ll see a massive difference.  Plus everyone else and especially those closest to you will greatly appreciate it.  Did we forget anything?  Do you have any suggestions?  We would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment below.

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