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How to Establish Goals and Routines Like a Gentleman

In any given week I will meet with at least three and sometimes four people for a minimum of an hour meeting. Each meeting generally consists of listening to people and giving them leadership direction or mentoring. When I meet with these individuals I am usually asked a very consistent question: “How do you do so much on a regular basis?” Honestly there is no secret sauce to how I do what I do. The same answer is always given to them: “I am very intentional with my goals and daily routines.

My personal daily routine begins at 5am. After waking up and making coffee, I will spend forty-five minutes to an hour in spiritual practice. Next I will spend fifteen minutes reading a book. Then I will spend thirty minutes practicing my martial arts. Finally, I will spend ten minutes working on mastering the current language I am studying. Once I have finished with that I will head to the local gym for a thirty to forty-five minute workout. Then my day at the office begins. In a matter of three and a half hours I have accomplished things that set me up to be successful with my day and future.

In this article we will show you how to:

  • Determine you goals.
  • Set attainable steps.
  • Develop successful routines.

 Goals and Routines

How many times have you set one or two goals, and with great determination, you set out to conquer them, only to find that you don’t? Or when was the last time you tried to establish a routine in your life such as going to the gym and after three weeks you never return again? You’re not alone in the world of goals and routines. There is great hope on the horizon of your personal and professional life.

The first place to start is by defining the purpose of a goal and a routine. Think about how much we use the word “goal” on a regular basis. For instance “My goal for the day is to go to the gym.” “My goal right now is to turn this project in on time.” “If I could accomplish one goal, it would be landing that dream job I want.” Does any of that sound familiar? I am sure if I created a “fill-in the blank” sentence for you, that you wouldn’t have a hard time filling in the blank.

 Like a Gentleman

Get Specific.

All too often we tend to be very vague when we set a specific goal. If you go back and read over the examples I gave you can see how vague those goals are. Here’s another example. “My goal is to learn a new language.” What’s wrong with this sentence? First, what specific language do you want to learn? French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, the list can be exhausted. Next, when do you want to learn your language by? Do you want to know the basics within three months, six months, or a year? Finally, how often will you practice, once a day, twice a day, once a week and so forth?

Write It Down.

We may have great intentions when it comes to setting goals, but if they remain in our minds, they won’t come to pass. Some of our greatest goals never see daylight outside of our brains because we didn’t write them down. Stop right now and take the next ten minutes and write down your three top goals. Seriously, stop reading this right now and write them down.

Did you write them down? Now the next step is to get specific, very specific. Remember what I stated earlier about being vague? Now is the time to get very specific. Take the next ten minutes and write out in detail what each of your top three goals will entail. Do it now!

Tell Someone.

There will be those moments that we shy away from telling others our goals because we are simply afraid of what they might say. Honestly, who cares? No really, who cares? Think about some of the greatest achievers and the goals they have set. They made the decision to tell others without worrying what those people would say about their goal.

The great affect in telling someone about your detailed goals is to create accountability. Whenever I chose to enter an Obstacle race, such as a Spartan Race, I told someone. Why, because I have specific goals to accomplish and then that individual held me accountable as well as pushed me to finish strong. Everyone needs support to accomplish his or her goals and routines.

Create a Routine.

Everyday I spend a total of forty-five minutes reading. I read at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What does this do for me? The results are incredible. First, I am able to read a book in a maximum of two days. Second, I retain more information from the book I am reading. Third, educating my brain on a daily basis is priceless. This is able to happen because I have chosen to create a specific routine to accomplish my personal goal.

Whether you want to eat healthier, workout smarter, learn a new language, or get that dream job you’ve been wanting, it all starts with personal goals and routines. One final example I will leave you with is why I am so successful personally and professionally. My time and energy is expensive. This means that I understand that I cannot buy more of it, gain more of it, or stop it. I have twenty-four hours in a day like everyone else and I intentionally create goals and routines based on sixteen hours a day. That leaves me eight hours to sleep.


What is it that you want to accomplish? You are able to be whatever you desire to be or do anything that you set your mind to do, but it starts with your goals and routines. We want to hear from you. What are your top three goals? Remember to be specific. Give us the details. What routines have you established?

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