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The Gentleman’s Ascot


Neckties and bow ties are classic accessories for every gentleman.  Over the past few years we have seen the come back of the bow tie and even braces, also known as suspenders.  What if we told you that the ascot is going to make an appearance again?  Would you consider wearing this mysterious piece of cloth?  If you want to take your personal style and wardrobe to a new level of dapper then continue reading this post.

What is an AscotWhen we think of an ascot most of our minds flash back to classic Sherlock Holmes characters sporting one on the streets of London.  It’s easy to limit our style and only dream of incorporating an ascot into our daily wear.  The Ascot cravat originally was only worn in the morning, but is advancing to noon and evening wear.  The name Ascot finds its origins from the famous Ascot horse races, as known as Ascot Heath, in England since 1711.


Ascot Heath Horse Race, England

The ascot is less formal than a traditional necktie or bow tie, but when worn correctly, can be formal enough in place of a necktie.  Let’s be honest, it’s easy to throw on a tie, but if you want to add some dapper to your look and manliness, wearing an ascot will separate the gentlemen from the boys.  They are timeless and a classic accessory.


Ascot Worn with Class

Wearing an Ascot.  First don’t limit your options for wearing an ascot.  Honestly it can be tricky to pull off at times, but don’t fear.  The first step in wearing an ascot properly is your personal confidence.  If you’re going to wear one, then you need to own the image.

Second, wear the ascot low around your neck.  Don’t make it “puff” up out of your shirt like a balloon.  The best way to wear it is by allowing the ascot to peak out from your shirt’s neckline.  When it comes to your shirt buttons, only unbutton your top button.


How to Tie an Ascot

Keep in mind that an ascot is versatile.  You can wear one with your casual or business wardrobe.  If you work in the office take it to a new level of dapper and add an ascot to your suit in place of a tie.  Are you attending a semi-casual event, be stylish and add an ascot to your dress shirt and trousers for a touch of class.  Finally if you are looking to purchase an ascot, we suggest you check out Ceravelo for high quality products. Ceravelo ascots are hand tailored and high quality.  If you’re going to wear an ascot, go with quality first.

Gentlemen we hope this simple post will motivate you to think outside the lines of your current style.  What are your thoughts on wearing an ascot?  Would you wear one?  Why or why not?  We want to hear your thoughts?

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