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The Gentleman’s Shopping Etiquette

Have you ever had a bad shopping experience at the local grocery store? Who hasn’t? It always seems like the Indy 500 when trying to find a parking space and once that is mastered, the next hurdle to jump over is gingerly moving your shopping cart through the isles. Shopping at the local store can be exhausting and irritating. Gentlemen the grocery store may seem like a zoo, but that doesn’t mean you have to shop like a wild animal. In this article we are going to discover the gentleman’s etiquette for shopping at the grocery store. Here are a few tips to consider next time before you head to the grocery store.

The Parking Lot. Let’s face it guys. Finding the perfect parking space at the store can be like conquering Mount Everest at times. Once you find that spot though, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, either pull in or back in, but don’t be the “tool” that chooses to park diagonally across two parking spaces. If you’re worried about dings and scratches, you might actually agitate someone to go out of their way to give your car some fresh and unwanted designs. Stay within the lines.

Shopping Carts. Once you walk through those automatic doors you will be faced with the mass quantity of shopping carts. Always approach this area with caution. There is no need to be aggressive. There is no reward for anyone who gets the cart first. Be a gentleman and pull the cart out and hand it off to someone behind you or wait for the next one. When you have finished using the shopping cart be sure to remove any garbage or empty bags from it. Next, make sure to return the cart to the store or the outside carriage. Don’t leave the cart in an empty parking space or allow it to aimlessly wander on it’s own through the parking lot. That’s rude an dangerous.

Prepare Your Mind. What do we mean by this? Prepare yourself to take your time through the store. There is no need to rush. Second, keep your eyes on your list and what you’re shopping for. Guys, women are not blind or stupid. Just because you’re in the produce isle, doesn’t mean that’s an open invitation to check out another woman’s “produce.” Be a gentleman and have some self-control. Prepare you mind to shop. You’re not going to pick up a date.

Stay In Your Lane. Grocery shopping is just like driving a car on the road. There are lanes for a reason. When you’re pushing your grocery cart be sure to always stay to the right side. If you stop, stay to the right. Don’t be that guy who parks his cart in the middle of the isle and stares at the product on the selves for twenty minutes. Instead park your cart on the right side and collect your goods. Please be sure to honor everyone else’s personal space and don’t violate it. If you take a product off the shelf and decide you don’t want it, be a gentleman and put it back where you found it. Keep in mind that your represent your character, family, and friends when shopping.

Friends and Family. You are bound to run into someone that you know. It’s proper to acknowledge them, but if you choose to carry on a conversation for more than five minutes, take it someone else. If you have small children with you be sure keep them in the cart. If the store has a well-run children’s area drop them off before shopping and pick them up after you check out. The grocery store is not an open playground for your children.

Yield at Intersections. How many isle accidents have you avoided while shopping? Main isle intersections are points of disaster waiting to happen. When you approach these types of intersections be sure to slow down, look both ways and continue on with caution. If you happen to be following someone, be a gentleman and keep your distance. This applies to the check out line as well.

Understand the Lanes. Guys, if it says “20 Items or Less” then it means exactly that. Don’t be that guy who brings thirty items to the “Express” lane. Keep the right distance behind those before you. Don’t tap your feet impatiently. Slowly unload your groceries onto the conveyor belt. Finally, stay off your phone! Give the cashier your full attention.

The bottom line gentlemen is to act like one when grocery shopping. Be a man who demonstrates to everyone else that dapper hasn’t died over the years. Following these simple tips will keep you well respected and the grocery store a little bit calmer. Do you have some tips for us? Please post your details in the comments below. We want to hear from you.

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