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The Gentleman’s Handbag

You have great style. It’s seems as though you have finally graduated your style as a man and your personal wardrobe is growing and looking well, but you have an issue that could turn into a wardrobe malfunction. Do you have an old trusty bag that you use for everything? It’s accumulated the mileage over the years of the local gym, the office, and the weekend get-a-ways. Your bag has been faithful to you, but you realize it’s time to get a new one. Maybe you’ve been looking for one, but you can’t seem to settle on the right one, because they all look too feminine.

Don’t fear. We are here to help you find the right bag for your personal style and one that will aid in the day-to-day functions of your life. We understand your pain in search for the perfect bag. There are so many options and if you don’t know what you’re looking for the colors, straps, buckles, and fabrics can be intimidating and overwhelming. Here are a few things to help you in your quest to choose the best hand bag for a dapper gentleman.

Functionality. The first place to set your focus on is how practical your bag needs to be. Of course we want our hand bag to be masculine and rugged, but a man needs a bag that is dependable in the area of function. What weather elements will it be exposed to? How much time will it spend on the floor of your car, office floor, or being banged around by unwanted objects? Put some thought into what you need in a hand bag as well as what fits your personal style. Don’t waste your money on a product that is fashionable, but can only hold a set of papers and a few pens.

Material. What your hand bag is made of is important. Stay far aware from bags that are constructed from plastic and cotton. If you want a bag that is manly looking, elegant, and holds up well then choose one that is made from suede, leather, or canvas.

Noir Vague ASOS2

Photo by Noir Vague-ASOS Canvas

Usage. Aside from practicality, material and looks, you will need to decide on what your bag will contain on a regular basis. Will it be used for the office, just for your essentials, they gym, or day trips? The whole reason you are in need of a hand bag is to make sure your pockets are left empty and your hands free to function.

Inside. The inside of your bag is just as important as the outside. Once you have determined what your bag will be used for it will need to be inspected on the inside. It’s always good to have open space in your bag for clothing, larger electronic devices, books, or papers. Small compartments for pens, pencils, note pads, or device cords are good to have as well. Prior to buying your handbag think about how many compartments you might need and don’t settle for anything less than what you need.

Our picks and suggestions.

-The Tote. Guys before you dismiss the tote as a woman’s partner in crime consider our thoughts on it. If you’re looking for something a little smaller than a hold-all or brief case, the tote is perfect because it can hold a huge amount of supplies such as your electronic devices, notepads, accessories, a spare pair of shoes, pants or shirt. Now in order to avoid the “feminine” look of your tote make sure it’s made from canvas or suede and carries a rugged but professional look. Here are a few of our suggestions.

 Marc by Marc Jacobs tote5

Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote

All Saints Thorpe Tote6

All Saints – Thorpe Tote

-The Briefcase. Don’t get scared off by traditional thinking when it comes to the briefcase. This type of bag has come a long way since it’s first appearance. If your job or environment has you wearing suits and dress cloths on a regular basis then a briefcase is highly recommended. The advantage of a briefcase is that all of them have very little bulk, more slim, have an abundance of compartments for storage, and they look professional. Here are some recommendations.

 Packs Project Messenger Bag7

Packs Project Messenger Bag


ASOS Briefcase8

ASOS Brief Case

-The Weekender/Hold all. The name says it all gentlemen. In our opinion every man should own a weekender or hold all. These are an excellent choice for weekend get-a-ways, carry-ons, and even day trips. We suggest leather or canvas material. Here are some quality weekender/hold all’s we suggest.

Bespoke Weekender9

Bespoke Post Weekender

Topman Holdal10

Topman Holdall

There are our thoughts and choices on handbags for a dapper gentleman. What did you like about this article? Did you see a handbag that you liked or want to try? Leave us a comment below. Follow us on Twitter for updates and extras that we don’t share here. TheDapperGentleman@thedappergent35. Thank you again for all your support.

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