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The Gentleman’s New Year’s Resolutions

Okay guys we all know that the New Year has arrived. By now, if you haven’t already, have probably already thought about creating some New Year’s resolutions. Now we’re not here to judge or accuse you of not completing last Year’s or taunting you about this year’s possibilities.

Gentlemen let’s focus on the now. Let’s focus on today. What we choose to do today affects what will happen tomorrow. Our encouragement to you this New Year is to set simple and attainable goals and focus on them one day at a time. In this article we are proposing to you a few suggestions that are outside the average goal-setting box for the New Year.

Commit to Quit. Here at The Dapper Gentleman we believe in having people of influence in our lives. One of those people once said “I quit something every week.” When this was first heard, it was easy to laugh about until reality hit deep down. It’s so easy for us to commit to the latest trends, demands, social issues, fighting injustices, demands of relationships and families. What do you need to quit this year? What are you wasting your time with? Guys be bold and commit to quitting something this year that is dragging you down. Write down a few options and then determine what is draining you the most. Commit to quit.

Commit to Gulping. Have you ever sipped coffee or a drink before. The general concept for sipping something is to take time with it or nurture it. In the same manner a lot of times we “sip” our projects at work, we “sip” a goal we’re trying to accomplish, or we “sip” something that needs to be done. Gentlemen change your mindset this year and quit sipping everything and commit to gulping. For example maybe you’re used to reading a book every month. Commit to gulping and read a book in a week. Or instead of reading a book in a week read one in three days. Stop sipping the projects at work. What normally takes you a month to complete ask yourself what you can accomplish in six days. You get the point so start gulping.

Commit to Style. Gentlemen take the plunge if you haven’t already and commit to a new level of style this year. Make a decision to dress better than last year. It will make a huge difference in your personal confidence as well as your style and appearance. Start small and add to your wardrobe one article of clothing at a time. Another option would be to consider investing in a style mentor.

Commit to Self-Education. It’s amazing how much time our culture spends investing into social media, yet neglects the power of self-education. One of our team members did an experiment recently. They set a timer and then took their time checking all of their social media outlets which included emails. Once they concluded and checked the timer, they had spent thirty minutes on social media. What if this year you commit to reading thirty minutes a day, going an entire day without technology, learn an actual new language, study a culture, listen to podcasts, or learn a trade. Gentlemen, beer and TV have their place, but this year commit to being a man who grows in education.

Commit to the Outrageous. When was the last time you actually chose to dream big and did it? We’re not talking about purchasing a new car this New Year or planning a vacation. Committing to something outrageous means it’s bigger than you. Learn to fly a plane this year and surprise the love of your life. Pursue your dream to start a luxury coffee shop, write the book you’ve been thinking about, just commit to the outrageous this coming year and do it.

Commit to something this year guys and finish strong. From The Dapper Gentleman Team we wish you a safe and Happy New Year!


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