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The Gentleman and Rockabilly Style

A good friend and I were hanging out the other day. Being a man of style I couldn’t help but notice his own of sense of fashion. He was sporting a nice pair of Dickies pants, a classic white t-shirt, an open button-up, and a pair of navy blue converse sneakers. Welcome to the world of “Rockabilly” style for men.

Just what is rockabilly style? Rockabilly began as a type of music in the 1950s that combined rock ‘n’ roll and “hillbilly” or country music. There are several specific styles that are responsible for laying claim to the rockabilly style-Greaser, Swinger and Western-style. Whether you want to embrace the rockabilly culture or simply experiment with the its “look”, in this article you’ll find some simple ideas to remain dapper, but add some “edge” to your personal style as a man.

The rockabilly look for those wanting to run a little more causal but edgy you will often find that jeans are generally a wardrobe staple and the cuff at the bottom comes naturally. The truth is wide cuffs were born of necessity, instead of for the purpose of fashion. It has become a hallmark for rockabilly fashion. Shirts, sweaters and jackets are kept simple in color and style. The men wear shoes that consist of Converse sneakers, Penny loafers and the standard black oxford. So let’s break down how you can incorporate a little rockabilly into your wardrobe.

The Essentials. You may be concerned that you will have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, don’t worry. It only takes a few pieces to create a little slice of Americana in personal style.   Start with dark denim jeans. When you purchase your jeans make sure they’re a few inches longer than you need. This way you can cuff them up. Second, purchase one to two pairs of Dickies. We suggest a pair of Dickies Original 874 work pants in black or navy blue. Third, don’t forget the classic and timeless white T-shirts. If you want to be rockabilly authentic with your wardrobe, purchase a few western shirts as well.

The Jacket. There are plenty of jackets that represent rockabilly style such as the letter jacket, motorcycle jacket, or wool tweed jacket. We suggest buying a Dickies navy, gray, or black shop jacket. These are light, but are perfect for the elements of weather and can be layered. Consider wearing The Western jacket. The Western jacket will add a little flare to your rockabilly look.

The Shoes. Incorporate a pair of work boots into your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if they look new or worn. Second, we suggest purchasing a black or navy pair of Converse All-Star sneakers for your casual appearance. Finally, if you want to add a little “swing” vibe, get a pair of Oxfords or wingtips to your shoe collection.

The Hair. You can’t rockabilly without the hair gentlemen. This year we have seen a great come back for the famous 1950’s pompadour. Head to your barber and pick up some pomade on your way home.

Are you ready to add the edge of rockabilly to your wardrobe gentlemen? How do you plan to incorporate these ideas into your personal style? Tell us about it. Did we miss something? Please share it with us. Thank you for all of your support. Follow us on Twitter TheDapperGentleman@thedappergent35 to see our latest updates and announcements that you won’t find here.

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