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The Gentleman’s Hair Care

Growing up as a young boy the easiest way to fix my messy hair was to wear a baseball hat. It was quick and simple. There was no maintenance required at all. Times have changed for the men of this age. For a gentleman, hair has now become just as important as his own wardrobe. How we wear our hair says a lot about who we are and it can either make or break how we are viewed. In today’s article we are going to do an overview of how to maintain your healthy main and some suggestive hair care products.

Before we jump into some of our recommended hair care products we need to start with some important directives concerning the gentleman’s hair.

Your Hair

First, make sure you tame the main. We’ve touched on this before in previous articles. We want to suggest that you get your hair trimmed every two to three weeks. I visit my barber every three weeks. I even have an alarm set on calendar to remind me every three weeks. It may sound a bit obsessive, but honestly it keeps my hair neat, trimmed, and kept.


Second, hair starts in the shower guys, not with your choice of product. If you were raised to shampoo and condition your hair, every single day, it’s time to part ways with this portion of your up bringing. When you shampoo your hair daily you are actually drying out the natural oils in your hair. Honestly I will shampoo my hair once a week and wash and condition it every three days.

Your Hair Product…

Third, your hair product does matter. In all honesty it doesn’t have to be a top of the line product, but make sure that it’s not high in alcohol content because it will ruin your hair. In regards to using gels, wax, or pomades, keep in mind that less is always more. The general rule is you don’t need more than a dime size in your hand, unless of course you’re going for the “greaser” look. The following hair products are based on our actual use of the products, our personal recommendations, and they increase in price as you scroll down.

Brylcreem. If you have watched the TV show MadMen, you will find that the cast uses this product to get their sleek look and shine. This simple but effective pomade is made from water, minimal oil, and beeswax. It’s very low in price and can be found in any store. It doesn’t matter what the length of your hair is, because Brylcreem will hold your hair in place. It’s easy to wash out of your hair and it creates a nice shine and dapper look.


Got2b Spiking Gel. Maybe you’re not a fan of pomade or you suffer from pomade acne. Here is an incredible alternative for you. For me personally, I am in the public eye all day long. I find myself in and out of restaurants and coffee shops battling the elements of weather. I need a product that will hold my hair in place all day under every condition, but at the same time won’t leave me looking like a “grease monkey.” You will find that this water-soluble glue gel will hold your style in place permanently all day through the wear and tear. It’s no more than $6.00-$8.00 a tube and it will last you months.


American Crew Pomade. This pomade has made a name for itself because of its quality. American Crew provides its user with a fantastic hold, control, and even shine. Regardless of what hairstyle you have this pomade is pliable and enables you to slick your hair, scrunch it, and it works well for your hair’s health.

Hanz De Fuko Modify Pomade. Honestly this product is a little more in price, but worth it. This is lightweight pomade that actually keeps your hairstyle locked in place the way you want it without destroying your image. We enjoy this product because of it’s light-medium hold, has a pleasant fruit smell, and washes out easy.


Gentlemen we have provided you with simple techniques to increase the longevity and health of your hair as well as daily tested hair products to compliment your personal style. What hair product do you use? Are you willing to change what you currently use? If so, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment below and we’ll respond back. Did we forget any of your favorite products? Please share them with us. Thank you again for all your support. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see and hear about some of our ideas and latest news that you wont find here. TheDapperGentleman@thedappergent35

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