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The Gentleman’s $500.00 Wardrobe Budget Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of our four part series gentlemen. If you missed out on The Gentleman’s $200.00 Wardrobe Budget  In Part 2 we are going to take your wardrobe to the next level physically and financially. Please track with me for a moment. The $500.00 budget can work in two ways for you. First, maybe you have $500.00 to spend on a brand new wardrobe. If that’s the case, then you will be able to purchase everything in the $200.00 budget plus what you will find in this budget as well. Second, if $300.00 is what you can afford then simply add the $300.00 to your current $200.00 foundation of clothing.

Before we dive into this fresh budget and all it’s add-ons I would like to point out an important fact. Once we have researched the products, written the article and posted it, please understand that the prices of each product are subject to change due to the store’s decision and not ours. We have no relationship or control over the pricing or quality of the following products we suggest. Enjoy the following suggestions and finds we have waiting for you.

Classic Black Dress Trousers. By now you should have a tan pair of chinos. Now you need a classic pair of black dress trousers. This pair of pants is important for taking your interchangeable wardrobe to the next level. You can wear these with a blue chambray long sleeve shirt, add a timeless white V-neck t-shirt with a black sport coat or be really adventurous and wear them with a dusty pink blazer and that pair of brown leather brogues that you currently purchased.

The Charcoal Grey Suit. Honestly I would’ve suggested buying a pair of grey wool dress trousers, but use that money to upgrade now and get a full suit. I am sure you’re starting to sweat a little over the thought of purchasing this suit. Please don’t because this suit will pay for itself. It is an easy wear to weddings, formal events, and more. Go ahead and pair it up with the baby blue or white dress shirt you bought in the previous article.

 Calvin Klein Charcoal Grey Suit $260.00


Dark Blue Slim Fit Jeans. It’s time to put the stone washed and boot cut jeans to rest. Cut them up and use them for rags in your garage. Invest in one to two pairs of dark blue slim fit jeans. Make sure they fit you well and if not, then get them tailored. The reason these types of jeans are great, is because you can dress them up or dress them down. Use those brown leather brogues, dark blue jeans, your white dress shirt and then pair that all up with a grey wool blazer. Go ahead and replace that grey blazer with the blue V-neck sweater you now have.

 Levi’s Slim Fit $40.00


Black Dress Slip-ons or Black Chukkas. These two pairs of shoes are needed for your casual and more formal occasions as a gentleman. If you cannot afford both pairs of shoes right now, simply determine which ones you need first and will wear the most. A pair of chukkas in my opinion is a little more interchangeable and can compliment your causal and formal wear. You’ll know what to get.

 Steve Madden Moccasins $43.99


The Man’s Neck Tie. Every gentleman should have at least two ties within his wardrobe. If you haven’t had to attend a graduation, wedding, or funeral yet, you will eventually. Make sure when you are looking for ties that you stay away from the matching shirt, tie, and pocket square combinations. Here is an excellent and affordable resource for ties, pocket squares, and bow ties. Check out The Tie Bar. I personally purchase all of my ties, pocket squares, tie bars, and more from The Tie Bar. When it comes to choosing your tie make sure it has subtle patterns and background colors to match your shirt and that charcoal grey suit you’re going to purchase. If you’re unsure simply ask for assistance. Silk ties tend to make the best knots, but wool ties are great as well.

Congratulations gentlemen you are on your way to constructing a simple, but powerful interchangeable wardrobe that is dapper. Thank you again for all of your support and be sure to follow us on Twitter: TheDapperGentleman@thedappergent35. In the meantime tell us about your shopping experiences. What did you end up purchasing and what are you choosing to purchase later for your wardrobe? 

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