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The Gentleman’s $200.00 Budget Wardrobe

What man doesn’t want an interchangeable wardrobe that makes him look amazing, cause people to give great compliments, and boosts his confidence daily? The great question is: “Is it attainable?” My answer to you is “Yes it sure is.” Building an interchangeable wardrobe takes time. It’s a journey, unless you’re a millionaire and can build your wardrobe in a day.

The holidays are approaching and The Dapper Gentleman is going to launch a four part series on how to build your wardrobe on a budget. This is a great time of the year to start building your personal style or to add to it. We want to take advantage of holidays sales and the gifts we receive. There is no shame in helping family members with your Christmas list. Instead of an unwanted pair of gloves, do your friends and family a favor and show them what you need. You’ll thank us later.

The price of clothing has increased, but there is no need to give up already. There is still quality clothing out there for a good price. We are going to help you create your wardrobe with a $200.00 budget to start. This budget will give you a wonderful foundation to build on. Now if you’re a little more advanced in your personal style don’t worry, because in the next few articles the budget will increase with fresh ideas. Please understand that GQ and the “fashion” scene may not approve of some of our ideas, but we’ll do our best to set you up with a wardrobe that is full of function and still fashionable. Let’s get started with this budget.

Basic White Dress Shirt. Every man needs a basic white dress shirt. The white dress shirt is foundational to the gentleman’s interchangeable wardrobe. You can where it for formal and casual occasions. You can dress it up with a tie, sweater, cardigan, chinos, and even a nice pair of dark jeans. We settled on J.C. Penny for the basic white dress shirt.

Slim Fit Polo. We have written so many things on the importance of the polo. Let’s keep this short and to the point. Save your money and stay away from the t-shirts. The slim fit polo is a fresh upgrade from your high school years and your wardrobe will thank you for them. You can wear a polo with or without a sport coat, a dark pair of jeans, shorts, or a pair of chinos. Take your money and purchase a slim fit Polo at GAP.


GAP Slim Fit Polo $20.00

V-Neck Sweaters. There are two reasons we endorse V-neck sweaters. First, these types of sweaters are perfect for sporting a nice tie or bow tie. Second, they are great for creating layers. You can interchange a V-neck sweater with your button up dress shirts, or layer them under a sport coat. Check out the Merona V-neck sweaters at Target.


Target V-Neck Sweater $20.00

Baby Blue Dress Shirt. Guys, adding a baby blue dress shirt to your foundational wardrobe budget comes in handy. Change it up by wearing this shirt with a pair of khaki chinos, green sweater vest, and a brown blazer. Expand your adventurous side and where your baby blue shirt with a yellow cardigan and a dark blue sport coat. You get the idea gentlemen. We settled on Macy’s John Ashford Baby Blue Dress Shirt.

Pair of Tan Chinos. I bought my first pair of chinos from Frank and Oak. They’re fantastic quality and are wonderful to wear. A pair of these can be combined with colors such as navy blue, brown, black, red, or green to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

Tan Leather Brogues. Brogues are one of my favorite shoes to wear as a man. They come in all kinds of colors, but we are going to choose the tan leather brogues. These leather brogues can be worn with black chinos, a brown leather belt, your baby blue dress shirt, and a dark grey blazer for starters. If you’re not up for that you can wear them with a pair of navy chinos, a brown leather belt, and a blue denim shirt.

There you have it gentlemen. For just $200.00 you can build a simple yet interchangeable wardrobe. In Part 2 we will look at how you can add to this foundation with a $500 budget. Did you take our advice and if you did how did it turn out for you? Share your stories with us. We want to hear about it. Do you have any other suggestions to add to this wardrobe? If so, we would love to hear about them. Thank you again for your support. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter JLH@thedappergent35. Finally if you liked this article and want to take your life and personal wardrobe to a new level of dapper, then check out The Dapp Club. It’s so worth it.

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