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Gentlemen: Did You Miss Your Flight?

Have you ever missed a flight while traveling? When you miss a flight and your luggage is taken hostage on another plane, it’s easy for any gentleman to become frustrated and angry. Recently I was out of town on a business trip and I missed my connecting flight on the way home.

While I was sitting at the airport I saw that my out going flight was fifteen minutes behind schedule. I soon realized the possible potential of missing my connecting flight in Chicago that evening. The plane landed ten minutes late and I was told that in order to catch my next flight I needed to go across the entire airport and then catch a shuttle that would take me to the proper terminal.

Once I arrived at the right gate it looked like a ghost town. The lights were off, no flight attendants in sight and there was no plane. In that moment I honestly felt defeated and ticked off. With that said gentlemen I would like to leave you with a few simple tips to that can make your unexpected stay better.

The Carry On. Gentlemen always have a carry on. For some people this is considered a hassle or an annoyance, but in the long run this will benefit you. Every man’s carry on should include a clean pair of underwear, an undershirt, phone charger, and ear buds as a foundation. When you have to spend the night in a hotel it’s refreshing to be able to wear a clean pair of underwear and undershirt. Next, don’t count on your smartphone battery. Once you have missed your flight you’re going to be making phone calls and sending text messages to everyone. This will drain your battery quickly. Having your charger packed in your carry on will be a bonus and boost your morale.


The Emergency Fund. When you fly I suggest you have an emergency fund set aside that you carry in your pocket. It’s amazing how much we take for granted until we have lost our luggage. Reality hits in your hotel room when you have no contact solution, hair product, or snacks to eat. $30.00 in cash is a good baseline to have for an emergency fund in case you miss your flight. This amount of money should get you snacks, beverages, and whatever extra things you may need for the night.


The Overnight Bag. When I had missed my flight I made sure that I didn’t waste anytime. I headed straight to the information desk for my airline. Once I arrived they were more than willing to accommodate me in the midst of my misfortunes. If you’re flying with a good airline they should provide for you an overnight bag to help you with your stay. Keep in mind that very bag with very in contents. The overnight bag that I received contained the following: A tooth brush, tooth paste, shaving kit (Razor & shave cream), deodorant, chap stick, shampoo, and a shoe shine kit. Don’t be afraid to ask for free things. They’re responsible for your missed flight. They are more willing to accommodate you than you’re willing to ask.

Hotel Accommodations. Be sure to save yourself some time and money by asking the airline information desk about lodging with a discount and a free shuttle service to and from the airport. Shuttles can be extremely expensive and you don’t want to use your emergency fund on a shuttle service. Expensive taxi services are a waste too. Use the free shuttle service. Finally here is one last important piece of advice. Make sure you get your ticket right then before you leave the airport for the night.

If you find yourself stranded overnight in an airport because you missed a flight, I encourage you to apply these tips and you will have a much better stay than if you don’t. Have you ever missed a flight and had to stay over? We would love to hear about it. Tell us in the comments below. Did we miss anything? Please share your suggestions. Thank you again for your support.

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