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The Gentleman’s Difference: Off the Rack Suits and Bespoke Suits

We have spent a lot of time talking about the basics of men’s clothing as well as the more in-depth areas of personal style. Throughout the years men’s fashion and style has progressed continuously. The down side of this great progression is that sometimes terms or words are not explained clearly, but just assumed. One of these areas is the understanding the difference of off the rack suits, made to measure suits, and one of the most assumed classics…bespoke suits.

Off the Rack Suits. Most gentlemen are used to purchasing off the rack suits. These types of suits are cut on a general pattern. This means that the measurements of these suits are not specifically catered to your body type. When you purchase a suit off the rack it will need to be adjusted for you. I can recall many times personally when hunting for a great off the rack suit to buy that it took a lot of time before I found one remotely close to my measurements. Off the rack suits are a good place to start for any man who is looking to purchase a general suit. If you end up with an off the rack suit I guarantee you will spend a lot more in time, energy, and money to get it fitted properly.

Bespoke Suits

 Made to Measure Suits. A made to measure suit is a fresh level of dapper for every man. Your options begin to widen with a made to measure suit such as colors, fabric quality, and most of all a suit that is fitted to your measurements. Think about this for a minute. All the right areas that should fit, will fit such as your trousers, your waistline, armholes in your jacket, and your trouser length. You will look fresh and dapper.

 The Bespoke Suit. Gentleman you are about to enter the deep areas of living the dapper lifestyle as a man. First, the term bespoke specifically means “to give order for it to be made.” Why should every gentleman consider wearing a bespoke suit? First, every choice is yours. A bespoke suit is completely custom-made from scratch to your exact desires and needs. Second, the suit pattern is not done by a machine, but created by a human being. Third, your fabric selection is pretty much limitless, but this depends on how much you want to spend. Fourth, there is accountability with the tailor through the whole process. Made to measure or off the rack suits have no accountability and what you see is what you get. Finally, your suit is all done by hand, that is luxury gentlemen.

Three style terms that have been defined and made easy for us to understand. If you’re interested in bespoke suits here are two suggestions to check out A Tailored Suit and Black Lapel. Let us know what type of suit you like or would like personally. Thank you again for your support.

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