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The College Gentleman

Are you heading back to your college campus? Is this your first your at college? In the midst of all the heaping pressures of school, you may not have given much thought to your college wardrobe. That’s o.k. The Dapper Gentleman is here to give you a few practical and affordable tips to take your current college wardrobe to a new level of dapper.

I am sure you’re thinking why should I even care about my appearance at college? In all honesty it’s pretty important. The way we dress speaks of our character as men, it increases your confidence, you will leave a lasting impression without even having to speak, you create respect from you professors, and it’s time to leave the teenager within you behind and dress like a man.

Dapper Level #1: Shirts. Gentleman, save your t-shirts for the gym, your evening pajamas, or dust rags to clean your dorm room. Let’s keep this simple. Look at investing in a few polo shirts, a well-fitted white dress shirt, a few stripped dress shirts, and few combination colors.


Dapper Level #2: Pants. Don’t save those stoned washed, ripped, boot cut, acid washed jeans. Throw them away and go after two-three pairs of perfectly fitted dark jeans. Take a look online at Levi Jeans. They have an amazing and affordable selection of high quality jeans. Before going to the store look at their suggestions and sizing charts. This will save you time and money in the long run, or you can purchase a few pairs while you’re online. Next purchase three different pairs of dress trousers: charcoal gray, navy blue, and black. These are needed for a nice date, job interview, or just to show your college buddies how dapper you really are.


Dapper Level #3: Shoes. Flip-flops and sandals belong at the beach, not in the classroom or on a date. I highly suggest adding three specific pairs of shoes to your personal wardrobe at college. First go with a nice pair of moccasins. These are great because they can pass for an upgraded causal look while portraying a relaxed look, instead of wearing sandals. Second, purchase a pair of chukkas. These shoes are interchangeable with chinos, some dress trousers, and jeans. Finally, look into a nice pair of leather shoes. If you’re looking for a good color that will go well with almost everything, it’s not black. You want a nice pair of medium to dark brown in color. You can’t go wrong with these. One last final word when it comes to shoes. Guys, white sport socks need to stay in your dorm or at the gym. Invest in a few pairs of solid colored socks and a few pairs of Happy Socks.


Dapper Level #4: Layers. Wearing sweatshirts and hoodies to class are not considered “layering.” Let’s talk about real layering. I enjoy layering because of two simple reasons. First it creates a classic look that tells people you know style and have it all together. The second reason is because layers can keep you warm with the option to cool down when needed. I suggest you consider layering with turtleneck sweaters, cardigans, crewneck sweaters, or Polo style sweaters.


Dapper Level #5: Facial Hair. First I know that the hair on our heads is not facial hair, but I feel I need to address this first. Gentleman it is time to leave beanies and baseball hats in your dorm room or apartment. Get into the habit of combing and styling your hair. If you haven’t already, be sure to read our articles on barbers and vintage hair styles. Now let’s discuss facial hair. I am sorry to say this, but guys if you can’t grow a full mustache or beard and can only produce patchwork on your face, shave it daily. “Scruffy” is not in style and it never will be in style. Next, know what style of facial you want, grow it, and keep it groomed well. Finally, take your shaving experience to a new level of dapper by replacing your Mac 3 with a safety or straight razor. It’s better for your facial hair and the ladies will love how adventurous and manly you are. If you’re looking for an affordable, but sold quality shaving cream I highly recommend using Real Shave Company Shave Cream. You’ll smell amazingly better than some stupid Axe commercial and your face will look epic I promise.


Ryan Gosling

Have a great year guys and let us know what Dapper Level you chose to improve. We would love to hear from you. Thank you again for your support.

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