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The Gentleman’s Fall Style

It’s hard to imagine, but for those of us on the East coast summer is slowly coming to an end. Everyone knows what comes after the summer season. The question is “Are you ready for the fall season?” I know…I know summer isn’t even officially over yet and I am already talking about the fall season. The reason for this is because we want to give you enough time to plan ahead and prepare your closet for the change of season. As a man do you know how to take your fall wardrobe to a new level of dapper? In this article we are going to fill you in on some simple and affordable tips to give your fall style a personal upgrade.

Restructure Your Closet. Recently we posted an article specifically on the topic of “closets.” For me personally when the seasons change so does my closet. It sounds slightly ridiculous, but there is a method to my personal madness. Right now during the summer months I make sure that all of my shirts, trousers, and shoes for summer are at the front of my closet. This way I can see what I have specifically for the summer season and I save myself the embarrassment of wearing winter clothing and winter colors in the summer. No matter what size your closet may be I encourage you to restructure it every season so you can see and access what you have.

Add Fall Colors. Summer is a great time for you to show off some bright and creative colors within your personal style. When it comes to fall those colors will be less loud. I personally enjoy this season because I can use colors such as: burgundy, orange, mustard yellow, green, brown, tan, blue, and purple. I would encourage you to expand these colors into articles of clothing such as: cardigans, chinos, ties, scarfs, socks, sports coat, and even an outer jacket.   Keep in mind you can wear ties and rock a great pocket square with these toned down colors, but make sure your tie and pocket square are a touch brighter in color than the rest of your outfit. This adds some nice “pop” to what you wear.


Shoes, Ties and Pocket Squares. These three items are my favorite when it comes to personal style. When it comes to shoes during the fall season keep in mind that the color brown is your best friend forever. If you haven’t already invested in a nice quality pair of brown brogues and a great pair of brown or tan chukkas you should. These two items pair well with jeans, chinos, and even some dress trousers. As you expand your tie and pocket square collection look into purchasing ties that are knit in wool. They are a heavier made tie. I like wool ties because they come in different noticeable textures than traditional silk ties. In regards to pocket squares just make sure your tie and pocket square are not a combination.

Image4.1                              Image4.2

Fresh Looking Coats. The fall months can be full of rain and cold wind. Consider investing in a tan or brown quilted jacket. It will keep you warm and protect you from the elements. Don’t forget to add an overcoat to your fall wardrobe as well. Think outside the box on this one and get one that is made from tweed. It will set you apart as a dapper gentleman from the rest of what everyone else is wearing this fall.


While you’re still enjoying the summer weather, now is the perfect time to think about your upcoming autumn wardrobe. Take this approaching season as an opportunity to be creative in your personal style as a dapper gentleman and push the boundaries of men’s style this year. We would love to hear from you so please leave us comment. One more important tip, if you’re looking for a personal style mentor then check out our latest information located in the Gentleman’s V.I.P. System. Thank you for your comments and most of all thank you for your support.


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