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The Gentleman’s Hands and Feet

Who really pays attention to your hands and feet gentlemen? People you meet and talk to on a regular basis are obviously more interested in what you have to say and the appearance of your wardrobe right? Wrong! People notice our hands and feet. The ones who really pay attention are receptionists when we hand them a piece of paper, the store clerk when we pay for our purchase, your wife when you touch her, and your friends when you’re out enjoying a cocktail together. A man’s hands and feet get a lot of interaction and publicity on a daily basis. Every dapper gentleman needs to take care of the details when it comes to his hands and feet.

Believe it or not other people do notice your hangnails, raw skin and those chewed cuticles you had as a snack earlier in the day, and having crude-filled finger nails like a first-grader doesn’t help either. Cold air, wind and water are also enemies of our hands and feet. The good news is there is no reason to give up or worry gentlemen…there is hope and simple solutions.


What You Wear. Our feet are very vulnerable. Our two greatest enemies are heat and moisture. For most men we wear socks and shoes most of the time. They are like little coffins, filling up with hot moist smelly air. If you work out at the gym, I am sure you use the communal showers. The first tip I will give you is to wear sandals in the shower if you’re not already. Those communal gym showers are a cesspool of fungus and nastiness. It’s an easy access for athlete’s foot, plantar warts and nail fungus to create a party on your body. Second, make sure you treat your shoes with an antifungal spray. Airing them out daily and adding baby powder isn’t doing the job. Third, choose the right pair of socks. The fact that we have sweaty feet actually has a lot to do with our socks. I suggest that you avoid socks that are made from nylon and look for high-quality cotton socks. If you’re willing to spend a little more for higher quality then go for a few pairs of cashmere socks because they will help your feet breathe easier.

The Right Tools Matter. I have written a quick piece before on this particular section, but I will spend a little time on it here. Just like repairing a car, building a house or doing anything manly, you will need the right tools for the job. Our finger and toenails are no different guys. Invest in a good pair of clippers. Be sure to go to your local drug store and purchase a cuticle pusher. Yes that’s what they are called. The reason this is so important is because pushing back the cuticles on your toes and fingers actually helps ward off fungus. Finally, don’t go crazy with all the “clipping” and “snipping” just yet. Toenails grow slower than finger nails so you will only need to cut them every two or three weeks. If you cut them too short, you will experience unpleasant pain. Finally, when it comes to your hands try using anything with aloe, lanolin or glycerin. Other ingredients, like calendula, avocado and oatmeal will work too.   For more ideas visit the Grooming Lounge.

More Than Creams and Lotions. Speaking from experience on this topic, I suggest you don’t use over-the-counter creams to stop athlete’s foot. They do help to minimize it, but the key to destroying this nasty fungus is honestly taking time for better grooming. Many times we rely on the cream or spray to do the job, but we don’t make the needed adjustments to take care of our feet. Taking care of our feet actually helps to prevent the fungus from possibly returning. During your morning shower make sure you take time to wash your feet with a nondrying soap. Once you exit the shower, pat those sweet pads of yours dry with a towel and immediately apply a good thick lotion containing peppermint or eucalyptus. Both of these ingredients will help kill that fungus. I encourage you to set aside a day to exfoliate with a grainy body exfoliant to remove the dead skin on your heels and toes. It will make a huge difference. For more great options for grooming and lotions I suggest you check out the Grooming Lounge.

There you have it men, a simple, yet important article for every dapper gentleman. What did you learn or take away from this article? Did we miss anything on this topic? We would love to hear what you learned from this and what you’re doing with it. Thank you again for all of your support.


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