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The Airport-Ready Gentleman

How often do you travel?  Have you ever considered what will work best when you arrive at the airport?  Most of the time as men, we’re more focused on checking in and making sure we get to the right terminal before our fight leaves without us. What if we could provide you with a few simple tips that can make your “pre-flight” a little less stressful?  Today’s article is all about making you an Airport-ready gentleman.

Your Carry-on.  There is a reason why everyone calls it a “carry-on.”  You don’t roll it, you carry it, and it’s compact and not bulky.  Having a carry-on will help make your check-in easier and quicker.  Keep in mind that your carry-on will either fit under the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment above you.  For me personally I like to put my carry-on under the seat in front of me and then lay my well-folded sports jacket in the compartment above.  If you decide to travel this way then I highly suggest you consider purchasing a carry-on that is made with great quality material.

Boarding Pass Ready.  I personally have made a mistake too many times at the airport and it has cost me “time.”  My mistake was choosing to print my boarding pass at the airport when I arrive.  This honestly takes ridiculous amounts of time that can be used for relaxing, the bathroom, or taking a quick shopping trip in the airport.  Print it out ahead of time.  If you happen to be “tech-savvy” use the barcode scanner on your smartphone or android device.

Dress Your Best.  Real men should always travel in style, but dapper gentlemen not only travel in style but with wisdom as well.  Be considerate of what you wear.  Try not to wear any metal on your body such as belts, watches, phones, keys, and so forth.  Before you leave for the airport, consider placing it all on the top within your carry-on.  This will help you go through security quicker and there is less hassle of having to remove it all while in the line.  Once you have reached your gate put it all on.  Choose to wear loafers or moccasins, with socks please, instead of lace-up shoes or sneakers.  If you need to wear a suit during your trip, wear it on the plane instead of packing it.  Throw on a polo shirt for style and comfort or a cardigan since it’s an easy layer to put on and remove as needed.  Finally, wear your sunglasses on the plane.  They will act as a shield against light when you sleep on the plane, and when you arrive at your destination you have them ready to go.  Consider bringing ear plugs & a device that you can read on and listen to music with.

Airline Etiquette.  Believe it or not there are some simple airline rules for when you’re flying.  Every gentleman should know and enforce them.  The first one to get the arm rest has rights to it.  If women, children or elderly people are next to you, then it’s their arm rest.  If you end up with a screaming child (a.k.a “ankle biter”) next to you, quietly and calmly ask the parent(s) to handle it.  This would also be a good time to use those ear plugs you packed.  Finally, if you are choosing to drink on the flight, be sure to drink only one cocktail.  You need to be alert in case you need to help people off the plane, something goes wrong, or be a superhero and aid the air marshal in time of need.

There you have it guys, a few simple tips to traveling in style and wisdom.  Thank you again for your support and we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.  Safe travels.

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