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The Gentleman’s Closet

Gentlemen we usually talk about clothing and personal style here at the Dapper Gentleman, but today we are going to discuss a related topic that often gets ignored. We are going to address the “closet.” Men there are plenty of options out there aside from settling on using it as an indoor storage shed the majority of the time. I have this thought when it comes to being dapper gentlemen. A well-dressed gentleman should keep his clothing organized so he can effortlessly remove an article of clothing from the rack and create a stylish outfit.

The only way to do that is to have a well-organized closet. Therefore we are going to provide you with a few thoughts and tips for a gentleman’s well-organized closet. Some of you may not have the luxury of a closet and you have to use a dresser. Do not worry, because we will briefly cover that as well. O.K. guys let’s talk closets.

Why Focus on the Closet? We all want to keep our clothing clean and maintained. This starts by using a dresser or closet. First your clothing is going to look so much better because it’s not being neglected. Second, it will give your clothing a longer life span. Clothing that is constantly laid out or that hangs around will experience a lot more wear and tear than needed. Finally, it’s going to save you major cash in the long run. I don’t need to expand on that.


Dealing with What You Have. The truth is some of us have closets that we can park cars in and others of us are not quite as fortunate. That’s o.k. because we can still make a closet or dresser work for every gentleman. Your closet space is obviously going to depend on either what you inherit when you move into an apartment, house, or if you chose to build a house with a nice spacious closet. First let’s talk about using limited space within closets, especially if you share one with your girlfriend or spouse. For items such as folded t-shirts, jewelry, and under garment maybe consider using a dresser or stacked drawers. What about your articles of clothing that hang? The last thing you want is to over crowd your clothing. I suggest having a seasonal wardrobe by rotating your clothing, its simple guys. If you are in the summer season you should pack up your fall, winter, and spring wardrobe. Label it and store it elsewhere. Finally, if you didn’t inherit a closet you may want to consider purchasing a rolling cloths rack. These are very presentable, affordable, and convenient to remove when you entertain.  

The Option to Enhance. Let’s take a moment to talk briefly about ways that you can enhance your closet as a man. First, I suggest you consider the lighting of your closet. Good lighting will enable you to see the difference between colors and patterns in your wardrobe. You can always replace the lighting system to suit your needs without breaking the bank. If you can’t tell the difference between black and navy blue because of the lighting, you may be in trouble. Second, think about the view. Your closet wants to be constructed in a manner that will give you a great view of every article of clothing that is folded or hanging. Here is a simple rule of thought. If you don’t see it, you won’t wear it. Finally, a simple, but powerful way to enhance your closet is with hangers. That’s right…hangers. Consider this for the sake of your cloths and then for enhancing the look of your closet. Purchase some wooden hangers. It’s so worth it. They will protect your clothing and help each article to hang properly. The wood will add a more dapper look as well.

Shoes Are Unto Their Own. Gentlemen the reality is shoes are their own wardrobe. I know they’re not a pair of trousers or a polo shirt, but they are their own entity. When you rearrange your closet it’s easy to forget about your shoes. Usually we end throwing them on the floor in the corner of the closet because they were never considered in the process. Create some space just for your shoes. They deserve it. Second, purchase a shoe rack to appropriately hold all of your shoes. Otherwise they get crushed and cracked from being piled on each other. Finally, make sure you can reach them and see them.  


Really Consider Your Options. If you are going to upgrade your closet and decide to go with a closet system you are going to have to deal with the reality of cost. Sure you can pay for a cheap closet system, but you’ll end up paying twice as much to repair it later on. It’s an investment and you’re investing into something that is of high quality. Take time to consider how long you will stay in your apartment or house. Next, I encourage you to search online for names like Ikea Pax, Closet Maid, Rubber Maid, Elfa, California Closets, or even consider having your closet system custom built if you can afford it.

Gentlemen consider this an upgrade to your personal style and wardrobe. Trust me once you have done this you will never look at your closet the same again. Consider it to be a playground for your clothes. Thank you again for your support. We would love to hear from you. Tell us what your dream closet would look like. What adjustments would you like to make to your closet?

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