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The Gentleman and Quality

Well I have to admit that I have love affair with clothes and of course when it comes to clothing that means having nice things as a gentleman. We also know that having fabrics that are of good quality usually cost a little more money. Honestly I have a lot of people who constantly compliment my personal style and clothing on a regular basis. Just recently I was asked by a friend to go shopping with him for a new wardrobe. I have to confess the reason for this is that I wear clothes that are made of good quality, but I don’t pay full price for them.

Shopping for fine clothing can be a very expensive task. When I go into department stores I am surrounded by amazing fabrics and clothing that I just cannot afford. I know of young men who will drop anywhere from $500.00 to $600.00 on clothing. I do not suggest doing this and I do not endorse that. Gentlemen there are plenty of options to choose from out there that won’t break the bank. I know what it’s like to live on a fixed budget. Take a deep breath and be relieved because there is hope. In the following article today I am going to provide you with some great tips on how to score high quality clothing but in an affordable manner.

Develop a Plan. Before you run off to buy a new pair of shoes or dress shirt you better have a plan in place. Whatever you don’t plan for you will spend money on elsewhere. Then it’s a waste. Look through your current wardrobe and make a list of what you need, not what you want. Trust me guys I want a lot of things, but what I need is more important. For example do you have a well fitted white dress shirt in your wardrobe? Every dapper gentleman should have at least one well fitted white dress shirt in his wardrobe. Build your wardrobe by developing a plan that will save you closet space, money, and time.


Create a Budget. I highly encourage you to create a clothing budget. When you create a clothing budget you won’t spend randomly. Start by saving a set amount every month specifically for your personal style, even if it is just $10.00 a month. It’s an investment. Also consider selling old items or things around your house or apartment that you never use. Earning money this way can increase your gold mine.

Drop the Outlets. I used to love shopping at the outlets. Why, because outlets equal great sales. Well they offer sales, but that doesn’t mean they offer quality. Many name brands produce new items specifically just for outlets. The quality of the outlet product is lower for this reason. Sorry to spoil your fun, but I am saving you money in the future. Please don’t get me wrong, you can find some quality items, but it will be like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

Cheaper Means Cheap. Keep in mind that just because it’s on sale doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a deal. If you’re not careful it can be a waste of cash. I’m a huge fan of deals, but I usually have to be patient. If you buy cheap you’re going to get “cheap” in return. What that means guys is that you’ll end up spending twice as much as you spent the first time.

Know Your Field. Once you know what your personal style is you need to do a little research as to what stores are around you. Take some time and get online or look in the phone book to see what is around you and what they have. Look for a good and trusted tailor while you’re at it.


Avoid Custom Clothing. Let me throw a new term at you. “Bespoke.” Bespoke is a suit made from a new pattern from scratch for you specifically without any limitations. This sounds amazing right! What dapper gentleman wouldn’t want a bespoke suit? Well go for it if you are prepared to drop more than $1,000.00. That will actually be your starting line if you’re lucky. Find a great tailor and have your clothing made to fit you. This will save you money and you will look very dapper.


Consider Going Vintage. Vintage stores can often provide you with quality clothing at a reasonable price. I realize you have to look and hunt, but that’s part of the adventure and you learn appreciate it more. When you choose to shop vintage it will require patience, time, and practice. Know what you need before you go.

 Listen with Caution. Please be careful when trusting a sales person. Keep in mind, they may be there to help you, but their main motive is to sell you products. When you go, bring along with you a style mentor or someone whose style you really like. Educate yourself by reading articles from The Dapper Gentleman or other men’s style sites. Finally, when looking in the mirror take your time and be truthful with what you see. Don’t listen to the sales representative who only sees dollar signs when they look at you.     

Gentlemen hopefully this has given you some hope. You can still wear quality, dress dapper, and do it all from a budget. It just takes time, but it’s worth it. We would love for you to comment below. Tell us what tips worked for you and how you applied them. Share with us your wardrobe budget and how you choose to supply it. Thank you again for all of your support. Also we will be making a big announcement in a few weeks here at The Dapper Gentleman.

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