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Staying Cool as a Gentleman

During the summer months it’s very hard for every gentleman to remain cool and dry under his arms. Unless of course you just don’t sweat as a man. Personally I overheat really quickly in the hot months. I have tried so many different deodorants and under garments as a man, but nothing really worked beyond the basics. Then I made some personal adjustments to my personal wardrobe and some simple lifestyle changes that helped. Every gentleman wants to stay cool in the summer months. Here are a few simple and effective tips from The Dapper Gentleman that can help you in your personal journey to stay comfortable in during those hot times of relaxing or recreation.   

Lose the Cotton. Cotton will hold the heat. If you want to stay cool, then have a few articles of clothing that help your skin breathe instead of suffocate. Keep in mind that you want a few pieces of clothing are interchangeable as well. This way you’re not breaking the bank just to make some slight adjustments to stay comfortable.


Less Hot Liquids. If you’re like I used to be I was consuming several amounts of coffee not only in the mornings, but also throughout the day. Most of my daily meetings consist of me meeting people at local coffee shops.   I would like to suggest that you cut back on your hot liquid intake. Consuming hot liquids will actually heat up your body and cause you to sweat more in the heat of the day. Also think about switching to “iced” beverages and decaf. Caffeine is a stimulant. Therefore it will increase your anxiety and crank up your nervous system. This will cause your body to sweat as a reaction to naturally cool down.


Starbucks Iced Beverage

Take Cold Showers. I discovered this a few months ago. I have been training for two races that force me to train with a greater mental edge. I have been taking cold showers to gain that edge for my mind. What I discovered during and after these cold showers is that they lower my core temperature. That means I wasn’t sweating after my shower. I soon realized that when I would take a hot shower, get out and get dressed I had to reapply my deodorant because I was sweating so badly. Why, because my core temperature was raised up. Take it slow guys. Start with some warm water and gradually turn the water down to a cool stream. Then end with a “bang” by allowing a burst of water that is cold enough to make you lose your breath. Enjoy this adventure.

Loosen Your Shoes. First, make sure you have shoes that allow your feet to breathe. Second, even if you have breathable shoes they can still cause swamp foot eventually if you’re going barefoot. Make sure you clean your feet after wearing your shoes and don’t be afraid to disinfect your shoes and allow them to dry. Third, consider switching out your soles. Invest in a temporary pair of soles. Pick some insoles that are washable. This will help you stay cool and clean.


Roll Your Cuffs. Some gentlemen feel that it’s tacky to roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt. It’s not. Unbuttoning your shirt cuffs gentlemen can actually help increase the airflow up your arms. This can even be done when wearing a suit jacket as well.


O.K. gents, prepare to lose the cotton, ice your choice of liquids, take a cold shower daily, loosen those kicks, and roll up your cuffs for a cooler day in the summer months. We would love to hear from. Please leave a comment and tell us what method you used and if it worked for you.

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