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The Gentleman’s College Dress

This is a special article that we are posting here at The Dapper Gentleman. We are focusing on college students today. Whether you are preparing to head off to college for the first time or you are a young man who is returning for another year this article is for you. I have to be honest with you for a moment. When I went off to my studies I never had anyone tutor or give me advice on how to dress for college. I mean I made it through, but still if I would’ve had some of the tips I’m about to share with you, it would have made it a great experience.

I know it’s only July but most of you will be heading to your destination by the middle of August. This will also give you plenty of time to prepare your wardrobe for college. You may be thinking that the way you dress for college is good and dandy, but my question to you is: “What do you really have to lose?” Our personal style as men can always use a dapper upgrade. I agree with the slogan of Lowes “We never stop improving.” Here are a few simple tips to consider when dressing for college.

Gentleman’s College Dress

Know Your Style. College is a time to explore who you are and getting to know yourself better and better. With that in mind we know that there are several styles of dress from “indie” to “jock.” Constantly changing your personal style speaks of your personal character. It tells those around you that you cannot commit and you’re indecisive. Pick a style and commit to wearing that for the school year. The time to reinvent you in a safe manner is during the summer months. If you decide to make a drastic change to your appearance make sure you do it in small increments and start with your accessories first and then move to things like changing your pants or shirts, but don’t do it all at once.

Wear What Fits. Wear clothes that fit your body shape. Make sure that your shirts and pants are not baggy, saggy, or bulky. Spend a little extra money and have them tailored to fit you. Trust me. This will enhance your appearance in a major way.

Buy Quality Jeans. Invest in a good pair of dark jeans and leave the sweat pants in your dorm for working out or lounging after class hours. A nice pair of quality jeans will last long and take your “casual” style to a new level of dapper. You will look classy, sophisticated, and presentable simply by wearing a quality pair of dark denim jeans.

Purchase Some Polos. Expand your wardrobe by purchasing some polo shirts. Don’t throw all of your t-shirts away, but expand your base of polo shirts. I am a fan of polo shirts for a few reasons. First, they are classier than a t-shirt. Second, polo shirts are meant to fit to your body shape and are comfortable. Finally, they make any pair of jeans, shorts, or pants look ten times more dapper than a standard t-shirt.

Expand Your Colors. If you want to be known as a gentleman who seems to by stylish then drift away from greys, blacks, and plain white, but don’t get rid of them. Start expanding your color base with each season. Since school is generally in session during fall, winter and spring, build your college colors off of those seasons and you cannot go wrong. P.S. save the pastel colors for your relatives during the Easter holiday.

Do Not Wear. I will keep this short and sweet. Do not wear the following to class…ever: Camouflage, sleeveless shirts, flip flops, sweat shirts, spandex, or t-shirts with large print or logos. The world and your classmates will thank you.

Tame the Mane. The man’s facial hair is a huge piece of the gentleman’s wardrobe right now. The beards are back and the mustaches are flowing like never before. This is fantastic, but gentlemen make sure you “tame” your mane on a regular basis. Keep it trimmed and styled. No one wants to sit through class next to a caveman and your professor will appreciate it as well.

There you have it gentlemen. We would love to hear from you after reading this. Let us know what you like about his article. What specific tips helped you and how?

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