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The Gentleman’s Travels

Alright gentlemen if you’re like me, summer seems to be the prime time to travel whether it’s for business or pleasure. The honest truth is I hate packing for a trip even if it’s an overnight one. There is really no joy in packing your suit case. What excites most of us is when we arrive safe at our destination. Some of you reading this today are experienced travelers and some of you are fresh to the idea of planes, trains, and automobiles. The Dapper Gentleman has dedicated this article to giving you some great packing tips for your future travels.

Down below we have included several items that are highly suggested when packing for a trip that is more than an overnight stay. We encourage you to use this list to your advantage. Enjoy your happy and safe travels.

Location and Purpose. Stop right there! Before you go filling up that suit case of yours, consider your location and purpose. The location and purpose of your travels will always determine what contents you will need to pack in that dapper looking bag of yours. The last thing any gentleman would want to do is arrive under dressed for a weekend business trip or over dressed for a leisure vacation. When you pack, be sure to pack with purpose.

Dark Jeans. These are a “never fail” item to pack in your travel bag guys. Work hard to stay away from stone wash, baggy, and boot-cut jeans. You can never go wrong with a nice pair of men’s dark, straight-leg jeans. These types of jeans will go with any outfit you put together. They can be worn with a sports jacket, a sweater, boat shoes, Oxfords, and even moccasins for a more casual look.

Brown Dress Shoes. Having a nice pair of brown oxfords will go great with your jeans or dress trousers. Make sure you polish and shine before you leave so they will be presentable and there will be no need to carry a shoe shine kit.

Dress Shirts. Depending on the nature of your trip if it’s business make sure you pack two clean dress shirts. Always pack one white and one in your favorite color. Bring two ties with you. This will enable you to have four different shirt and tie combinations. Make sure you bring your collar stays. Once you arrive at your hotel take your shirts out immediately and hang them up.

Dress Trousers. Gentlemen the gray flannel trouser is the perfect item if the event requires you to be slightly more formal. Gray trousers are another item that will go with many different outfits.

Your Undergarments. Never leave home without any of these items. Always double check and make sure that you have packed one under shirt for each outfit, one clean pair of underwear for each day, and the appropriate socks for each outfit. Also as a general rule of thumb, I personally always pack one extra pair of underwear and one extra t-shirt.

The Sport Coat. Guys look at investing into one good quality sport coat that is versatile and neutral in color. A well-made sport coat will go with everything. I would suggest either navy blue or gray for color choices.

The Dopp Kit. Finally don’t forget to bring your toiletries. I personally recommend packing them in a solid Dopp kit. You can find these in any department store in the men’s area. These are great for all of your items including your cell phone charger. You don’t want to forget that either.

Final Tips. First,when you pack your suit cases try tostart with the heavier items. Second, place your shoes in plastic bags to keep them from getting dirt on your clothes. Place them at the bottom of your travel bag along with your dopp kit and any other heavy items. Third, roll up your socks, ties, belts, and put them inside your shoes. This will save you space.

Fourth, line the edges of your bag with your undershirts, underwear, and t-shirts. Fifth, take your jeans and trousers over the set-up with the legs hanging outside the edge of your bag.

Then, fold your dress shirts with a long horizontal fold and place them on top of your trousers.
Also if you are taking a sport jacket turn it inside out and fold into quarters. Then place it evenly on top of your shirts. Next fold your pant legs over your shirts and jackets. You’re now packed. 

Isn’t it nice to know gentlemen that you can pack your bags with a little less stress now and know what you’re doing?The Dapper Gentleman is always in your favor for stress-free dapper style. We would love to hear from you and read your comments. If you are going on a trip, share with us how you packed your luggage.

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