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The Gentleman’s Summer Accessaries

O.K. guys its summer time here on the East Coast.  In our last article we talked about the essentials of layering our wardrobe.  Obviously in the summer months layering our clothing is a little bit harder to pull off.  In today’s article we want to throw at you three simple, but powerful accessories that can take your simple summer wardrobe to a new level of dapper.  These three items will cause you to think twice before you try them, but that’s what we want you to do.  We want to push you to be creative and develop your own personal style.  Let’s get started.

Bracelets.  There is so much to be said about to the “do’s and don’ts” of men’s jewelry.  Today we are going to focus on the men’s bracelet.  This little accessory is a perfect avenue to add a new level of style to your shorts and Polo.  Now before you rush off and go “bracelet happy” here are a few recommendations to consider.  First, you’re not a woman, so don’t go crazy with all the charms on your bracelets.  You don’t need a “Besties” bracelet.  Keep it simple.  Second, if you’re unsure about what type of bracelet to get, start with a simple leather band with a clasp.  If you want to expand past those, I would suggest a woven or metal one next.  Once you are comfortable with what types, be a little adventurous and test the waters by doubling up your bracelets.  Make sure you keep the color schemes similar.  The last thing you want is to look like a junior high student with six rubber multi-colored bracelets on your arm.


Neckerchiefs.  Don’t laugh and don’t stop reading this article.  Stay with me for a few more minutes as I explain my case for this insane idea.  Trust me, if Europeans can pull this off so can we.  The classic neckerchief is a rolled bandana that can add some classic “dapper” to your summer wardrobe.  Do these right gentlemen and you’ll make the others jealous.  First of all, before you go grab your grandpa’s old hankie that he keeps in his back pocket to blow his nose, I suggest you watch this video.  Second, do some quick research online and find two or three good ones.  Trust me you can afford them.  Third, skip the silk made ones and go for the cotton.  Since it will be wrapped around your neck you want material that will breathe.  The neckerchief can be worn in many ways.  Finally, consider wearing one with a pair of shorts, a cotton button up shirt, and a pair of loafers.  Please remember to leave a few buttons undone when displaying your neckerchief.  These can be worn with sport coats, or a button up shirt and pants.


Sunglasses.  I know what you’re thinking.  First of all, yes I have done articles on sunglasses, but I’m sure you’re asking how can this be creative?  Regardless every gentleman should have a pair of sunglasses.  They are practical and stylish.  When I am talking about sunglasses I’m not referring to the classic wayfarer or aviators.  What I am suggesting is getting a pair of glasses that tell a story.  When you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that tell a story look for the following: different colored frames, lenses in a different shape such as round or a different color, or different degrees of thickness to the frame.  Make sure you either choose a different pair of frames or colored lenses.  Don’t try and do both.  That is disaster waiting to happen.  Finally, don’t forget to get a pair of sunglasses that compliment your handsome face.


There you have it, three simple, but powerful accessories that can really add some style and class to your summer wardrobe.  We would love to hear from you gentlemen.  What one of the three did you try?  How did it go?  How did it change your wardrobe?  Did you try the neckerchief?  Send us a picture.  We would love to see your comments.  Thank you again so much for your support.

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