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The Gentleman’s Fitness

A year ago I was at a routine doctor visit with my family physician. I will never forget the conversation her and I had in the examining room that morning. I remember her coming in and sitting in her chair and reviewing my records. A few days prior to my visit she had me go get some blood work. She was reviewing the results. After a few moments of silence she looked at me and declared “I’m surprised you’re not in the hospital.” To my surprise I asked her “why” with a nervous laugh. She said without a smile “Your cholesterol is through the roof, your blood pressure is out of range, your kidneys are functioning like an eighty year old and your thyroid is like a slow moving turtle.”

Needless to say, I made some serious changes to my lifestyle after that day. Here I am a year later living completely different. I’m sure you’re scratching your head and asking “How does my personal health have anything to do with my personal style and wardrobe?” The answer is simple. It has everything to do with your personal style and wardrobe. Gentlemen, I am not claiming to be a doctor or a health expert, but what I do know is this: Your internal health and physical body matter when it comes to dressing dapper.

Men we need to live a healthy life period. Sure you can have your cloths tailored to fit your current condition and you’ll pull off looking well, because everything fits properly, but at the same time inwardly you are suffering. Even if you’re comfortable with your current state physically you owe it to yourself and the ones that love you. I have to be honest and bold at the same time and tell you that a healthy fit gentleman dressed in a dapper manner will be attractive to the opposite sex. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I would encourage you to do a YouTube search on what is called “The Halo Affect.” If you’re looking to make some physical improvements here are a few tips to help you get started.

Set Achievable Goals. I used to go to the local gym every day. The best time of the year was after New Year’s Eve. Prior to that the gym would have its usual attendees, but after New Year’s Eve I couldn’t find an open treadmill or I had to wait in line to use a machine. Then after one or two months the gym would go back to normal. Why? Because most people know they need to change their lifestyle, but they had set goals they couldn’t achieve. Why bother. If you want to change your lifestyle it’s important to set small goals that you can achieve. Yes of course they are going to be hard and will take determination and focus, but it’s worth it. I cannot describe to you the ultimate feeling you will have when you step on that bathroom scale and see that you lost a pound. Start small and you’ll achieve big!


Do Something Now. My personal and famous motto used to be “I’ll start tomorrow.” Speaking from personal experience…that doesn’t work. When we tell ourselves we will start on Monday or Saturday or tomorrow, we are only temporarily trying to fool our minds. Sure there may be a small nugget of “gusto” to start the next day, but most of the time the news, Facebook, the kids, Twitter, our jobs, Pintrest or our boredom hijack our workout plans. The smartest and most strategic step you can make when it comes to changing your lifestyle is starting right now. Live in the moment and start now. Seriously…right now. The longer we wait, the longer we risk that nothing will change.


Tell Other People. When I made my lifestyle change I told the love of my life and several of my closest friends. The reason for this is because I needed solid support and I needed people to hold me accountable to what I was about to do. If we try and make changes on our own and in our own strength we will more than likely fail. For me personally, failure is not an option. I personally workout and train six days a week because I’m training for two races. When I signed up for both of those races I told specific people so they would hold me accountable and support me in my training for the races. Regardless whether you’re exercising for health, a marathon, your spouse, your children, you need support and accountability to press on and finish strong.


Pay for It. I have found that what people pay for they will value. The world around us strives for bargaining and try to get the best deals and even better…stuff for free. Living a healthy lifestyle comes with several prices and it’s far from free. A healthy lifestyle will cost us time, money, and sacrifice. Once you pay for it, you’ll respect and value it more. I have several avenues of training that I personally use and some of them I pay for financially. When I pay for something it pushes me to follow through with it so I don’t waste that money I spent. Finally whether you believe it or not your time is expensive. You can’t gain yesterday back and you can’t buy more time for today. What you see is what you get. Don’t waste it. It’s precious. Use some of that time to extend your life a little longer. It’s worth it. Maybe you need to get a personal trainer, join a local gym or try an app on your phone like Daily Burn.

Gentlemen don’t neglect you physical health and fitness because you don’t think it matters when it comes to dressing dapper. Start today and don’t waste anymore time. We would love to hear from you how this article has impacted you. Please share with us in the comment section what steps you have taken after reading this. Thank you again for all of your support. In our next article we will be discussing how to properly layer your clothing.

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