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The Gentleman’s Dress Trousers

We have covered a lot of areas when it comes to being a dapper gentleman. One area that we haven’t covered yet is a gentleman’s dress trouser. A great pair of dress trousers will fit comfortably and make you look classic. No matter what, your trousers are never the central focus of your wardrobe. Your fine work of art, which is called your face, is the center of your wardrobe. Therefore your trousers will always direct everyone’s gaze back up to your face.

A good pair of trousers will maintain a smooth look when you are sitting or standing. Of course when you search for a nice pair of dress trousers they need to pass the test of “everyday life.” Dress trousers are the holding grounds for the gentleman’s phone, car keys, wallet, mints, and so forth. Keep in mind you want a pair of trousers that will support all of these elements, but at the same time will not leave an awkward bulge in your pockets. I have included a few things to look at when deciding to purchase a pair of dress trousers.

The Fit . Here at The Dapper Gentleman we are constantly emphasizing the importance of “fit.”  Any pair of trousers you purchase or have custom made should alwaysfollow the natural shape of your body. This means it will be wide where it needs to be wide, taken down all the way to the ankles, and all excess material is taken care of. Also if you get your trousers tailored or off the rack they willneed to be loose enough to allow for movement. Avoid trousers that bunch around your thighs. This means that they are too tight and they are not slim fit.


Make sure that your trousers do not narrow and then widen again lower down on your body.You dress trousersshould always rest comfortably above your hips. This means that they will not slide off of you when not wearing a belt. Here’s a final tip. To test your trousers try them on without a belt to see if they rest properly on your hips without falling off.

The Style. When it comes to style I personally think one of the most misunderstood areas for dress trousers is whether or not to get trousers that are pleated or un-pleated. So what are pleats? Pleats are small folds in the fabric of a garment that have been permanently fixed in place. I kind of liken it to a fantastic ironing job. When it comes to dress trousers they are the small vertical lines that run from your waistband to about the same height as the crotch area of the trousers. So why do we have them? Well they are not just there for looks. Pleats actually add flexibility to the front of the trousers. They allow your pants to stretch when you sit and still maintain a smooth appearance without causing wrinkles.


The Cuffs. Most of the time you will see a lot of men’sdress trousers will have a small band around each ankle. These are called “cuffs. Cuffs are good on trousers because they help add some extra weight to the material. This actually helps pull the material straight at the bottom. Keep in mind when purchasing trousers with cuffs that a well-fitted cuff will rest against the back of your dress shoe and drape just on the top of the front of your shoe.


The Pockets.   I could go into a lot of detail regarding pockets on dress trousers but I don’t want to bore you.  Instead let’s keep this simple.   For most men we have to carry things like cellphones, wallets, keys, and so forth.   Honestly, unless your dress trouser offer plenty of cargo space within the pockets, you should carry as minimal in them as possible. An overloaded pocket will bulge no matter how well your pants are tailored. If you have a wallet I would suggest looking into a money clip to cut down on the bulk of your pockets. Also evenly disperse your items into both pockets instead of just one.


Here you are gentlemen. This is a simple start to help you find the right pair of dress trousers for your wardrobe, job interview, special date or just to add to your personal style. We would love to hear from you. Please share your story with us and tell us how your hunting experience for a good pair of dress trousers went. Thank you again for your support.

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