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The Gentleman’s Meeting Dress Code

Every one of us is in some form of “meeting” on a weekly basis, if not daily. We are constantly meeting with people for coffee, business, or pleasure. The question is “How do we dress appropriately for these meetings?” I am a huge supporter of the idea that the way we choose to dress for each meeting can affect the meeting we are in. It can end up being positive or negative.

Gentlemen when it comes to dressing well for an interview or dressing casual around the office it will make a difference. Here are a few examples for you to try out.

The Interview. Everyone who is looking for a job will go through some form of interview process. The question is “What do you wear to the interview?” First, when you apply, look at how the employees dress. If they are wearing a standard company issued uniform then look at what the management is wearing. This will create what I call a “threshold” for what you should wear to your job interview. For example if the manager were dressed in trousers and a button up shirt, it would be good to wear the same, but add a tie to your wardrobe. You don’t want to over dress or “out dress” your possible future employer. If they wear a suit and tie then prepare your self to wear a clean well-pressed suit and tie. Make sure you get a good haircut and your facial hair is trimmed well.


The Formal. There will be moments in every gentleman’s life when you will need to attend a formal meeting such as a funeral or wedding. When you attend either one of these respect, honor, or celebration is the focus. The last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself. When you dress for a formal meeting keep it simple and classic. Remember that you’re there to support your friends and family so the way you choose to dress can show that or not. For example don’t wear bright colored clothing or radical patterns with your suit. It’s disrespectful because it draws attention to you and away from those you have come to support. Dark colors are good such as grey, blue, black, and even tan, but that’s pushing the line. Keep it mild.


The “Sale.” The sale’s meeting is never an easy meeting, but when you dress for this type of meeting you want to communicate confidence, trust, and assurance. Honestly anytime you need to sell some thing you need to dress as dapper as possible. No matter what you are selling, you need to look dapper and dress your best. Now of course if you’re working at the Tractor Supply Company selling tractors you want to wear a pair of khakis and Polo. A suit and tie is over kill. Use discretion gentlemen. Keep in mind that if you are issued a uniform that you can have it tailored to fit your body. The last thing you want is to have a work uniform that doesn’t fit right. No one wants to purchase an item from a man who is swimming in his cloths and looks “shabby” as a salesman.


The Casual. The casual can be described as birthday parties, picnics, pool parties, and cocktails with co-workers and so forth. When you dress for this occasion you want to come across open, relaxed, enjoyable, relational and approachable. An example for this would be clean pressed shorts a couple inches above your knee, sandals or boat shoes, and a collared button up shirt. If it’s the winter season wear a cardigan, a sweater or sport jacket with grey flannel trousers. Consider the following. When it comes to dressing for business casual meetings this can be like playing Russian roulette. Depending on the atmosphere you have to keep in mind that it is still a business meeting. I would suggest you wear a light pair of cotton pants and a nice pressed button shirt that is made to be un-tucked or polo. Gentlemen are always sure to remember their manners since this is a casual business meeting and not a fraternity party. Be sure to address your boss properly and manage your drinking responsibly no matter what other coworkers may do.


Ok guys this gives you a great start to knowing how to dress for meetings. I encourage you to follow these basic guidelines and you will be prepared for every occasion. Attending any of these meetings as a well dressed gentleman will not only land you a great interview, but respect and confidence. Thank you so much for your continued support. Please leave a comment below and tell us which meeting you attended and what worked for you.

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