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The Gentleman’s Fashion Faux Pas

According to Wikipedia “A faux pas is a socially awkward or tactless act, especially one that violates accepted social norms, standard customs, or the rules of etiquette.” Summer is right around the corner and something that might be of interest to any gentleman is avoiding any fashion faux pas. There seems to be a surge in the lives of young men more and more who are interested in dressing well whether it be for a job, to get a girl, or just to better themselves. Because of this guys will start trying new ideas with their personal style or wardrobe. This is a great move in the right direction.

When doing this though simple faux pas are created and then we end up publicly embarrassed. I personally have created so many fashion faux pas that I could write a book on them. Eventually I made the choice to invest in a style mentor. It was one of the best investments I have made so far. Having one not only upgraded my personal style, but has increased my confidence, taught me how to search for quality over price, and the importance of investing into the lives of other men. If you’re curious or interested in having a style mentor please contact me. The good news is that you are reading this blog and a few of the following simple tips will help you avoid those possible fashion faux pas. Here are a few simple ways to avoid creating a fashion faux pas within your wardrobe.

Socks with Sandals. It’s unfortunate to state this, but this is everywhere among men. I am sorry but there is nothing classic or timeless about wearing socks with sandals. The reason we wear sandals is so our toes, feet, and skin can breathe. But when our feet become tightly encased prisoners of the infamous tube sock, it has the opposite effect. Grandpa was not setting a fashion trend, so I advise you to stay away from this fashion faux pas. It you wear sandals don’t wear any socks with them…ever.


Stains that Remain. Take a moment and think back to how many times you’ve worn the same dress shirt without washing it. Why both to wash it if it doesn’t smell right? Any kind of stain or smell needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The longer you leave that stain unattended it will become harder to wash out. Stains and especially armpit or ring around the collar stains never go unnoticed by someone’s nose or eyes. Take care of those stains.


Tie Length Matters. I was at a speaking event three months ago. When the main speaker approached the podium to speak I noticed the length of his tie. It was draped down past his belt buckle. When he would walk it would swing back and forth like a pendulum. A common fashion faux pa is men tend to wear their ties too long and even too short. You always want your tie to rest about your belt. This gives your body the correct proportional image and gives you a great lean appearance.


Skip the Logos. Keep in mind that just because the shirt or pair of shorts has a giant designer logo on it doesn’t mean that it’s a good fashion choice. Dressing well is about complimenting other articles of clothing, color coordination, and being creative with what you have. Dressing yourself in designer logo brand clothing is a fashion faux pas.


Backpacks Are Out. Gentlemen backpacks are made for students who attend school. I understand that they are great from carrying our stuff around, but that’s what a men’s messenger bag or brief case is for. You may be a man, but carrying a backpack to work gives off the impression that you’re still childish in your ways. This is a dapper faux pas.

Tame That Mane. Another fashion faux pas for guys isn’t their hair itself, but the hair found in abundance on their neckline. You can have a tight haircut and a beastly neckline. This needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. It will take less than a minute to trim once a week. I promise you it’s worth your time to have a dapper looking neckline.

Keep It Clean. It’s hard to believe that when people meet us face to face that they will judge us by the looks of our shoes. I know that sounds shallow, but it is a bit motivating. No matter what style of shoes you may be wearing, another fashion faux pas is a pair of neglected shoes. Dress shoes should always be polished, sneakers scrubbed and scuff removed, laces up to par, and all shoes should be alternated for a longer life span with less wear and tear.


Gentlemen don’t beat yourself up over all of these if you have made any of these fashion faux pas in the past. I’ve been there too, but today is a new day and you are armed with new style knowledge for your wardrobe. Think of it this way, being a little more attentive to your personal style will improve your appearance and most of all your confidence as a dapper gentleman. What fashion faux pas have you committed in the past month? I would love for you to share your story. When you do I will share one of mine with you. Please leave your comments below. We appreciate your support as well so please check us out on Pintrest and follow us.

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