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The Gentleman’s Education

We’ve all seen the famous “Dos Equis” commercials with the dapper gentleman who dresses well and can tame lions, woo stunning women, climb mountains, meet with politicians, and save the world. He seems to be portrayed as a gentleman and a scholar. He is portrayed as an educated man, a man of mysterious knowledge. Some of the most intriguing and wise men of our time were educated gentlemen. When I define “educated” I am not talking about a high school or college degree. An educated man simply means expanding our knowledge beyond beer and sports magazines. Today’s article will be dedicated to ways of growing our education as gentlemen. We can wear the right cloths and look amazing, but having some great education takes us to a whole new level of dapper. Here are a few avenues you can use to increase your knowledge.

Read Books. There are thousands of books that have been written throughout the years. Where does one even start when it comes to reading? Well let’s put it this way. There are many books to read, but there are certain books that will transform your life. I have read countless books over the years that have transformed my life. Some were fiction, non-fiction, or biographies. Many of the greatest men who ever lived such as Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, and Fredrick Douglass, read books on a regular basis. It really doesn’t matter where you start whether it’s a book about romance, adventure, religion, or politics the point is you’re using these sources of wealth to enhance your life and knowledge as a gentleman. I personally have learned so much by reading books on a regular basis. Also consider joining a local or online book club. They choose a book for the month, read it together and have great discussions. Also Amazon.com has put together “the Essential Man’s Library. Check it out.


Listen to Music. We all listen to some genre of music be it country, rap, rock, Christian, or metal. Every dapper gentleman should expand his music selection. A great place to start is with early jazz. Listening to musicians like Ella Fitzgerald, Mike Davis, Joe King Oliver or Jelly Roll Morton always sets the right mood and at the same time makes you feel more dapper. It’s fun, soothing, and jazz always tells a story. Jazz can be a great selection for a gentleman’s cocktail party, dinner party, and special occasions. If you’re not sure where to start, listen to Pandora Radio. It’s free. You can select a station and listen to a variety of songs and musicians without purchasing a great amount of music that you may not enjoy. Once you hear a song you like, write it down and build up your music library. 

Learn a New Skill. Educated men know things. They know how to build things with their hands, fix mechanisms, and kill stuff. When was the last time you took a course or a class on a specific skill? Years ago I realized I knew nothing about outdoor survival. So I went and took a course. I learned a new set of skills that can save my life, my families, and others. Several years later I am a professional survival instructor. What skill have you wanted to learn? Is it hunting, cooking, car repair, woodworking? The opportunities are endless. Every six months I learn a new skill. That’s what works for me. I want to encourage you to make a list of the top five skills you want to master in your lifetime and then get moving.

Learn a Language. There is nothing more exciting and impressive than when a gentleman can speak another language fluently and knows what he’s saying. Imagine going to a real Italian, Russian, or Mexican restaurant and ordering a meal for you and your lady in the native language. I wanted to learn Spanish so I set out to do it. It’s not just about speaking the language to impress the ladies. It speaks of your character. It tells others that you are disciplined, methodical, and pay attention to details. Learning a new language stimulates your brain, challenges you, and creates a greater portion of self-confidence within you as a man. Go to your local bookstore and check out learning a language by audio. I would suggest resources like Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone.

Invest In a Hobby. Hobbies are fun and exciting. A hobby can range from investing in artwork and baseball cards to collecting fine bottles of wine or aged scotch. The possibilities are limitless. One way to expand you knowledge as a gentleman is investing in a hobby. Learn your hobby, study it, and own it. A hobby grows your skills, enables you to gain fresh knowledge and insight, and you have an interest or topic of discussion when talking with others.

Education goes beyond our schools and colleges. It’s a way of life for the dapper gentleman. Just imagine if you read on a regular basis, expand your music, learn a new skill, a language, and invest in a hobby, you’ll be well-rounded gentleman. I encourage you to pick one of the five areas and spend a month or two on that particular area. You will be surprised how much you learn. I want to hear your story. Post a comment below and tell me what area you’re focusing on as a gentleman. Don’t forget we’re on Pintrest now. Check us out. We appreciate your support.

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