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The Gentleman’s Facial Hair

Growing up a man’s facial hair was a sign of older age and that you were a man. At the same time the “stubble” found sporadically on one’s face, was encouraged to be shaven if you couldn’t properly fill in every spot of your handsome mug. Like the rest of the culture, times have change in the land of men’s facial hair.   It used to be that a clean-shaven face for a gentleman was seen as well groomed. That’s not the case anymore.   Gentleman, the evolution of facial hair has arrived.   Even well kept stubble on our faces is considered to be dapper. Today we will explore the world of facial hair for the dapper gentleman.

Why Grow It? Before you go enter the wild and untamed world of growing facial hair, you should ask yourself why you want to grow this specific piece of artwork on your facial canvas. I have a handle bar mustache.  The reason I decided to grow it is first, be cause it looks more distinguished and second I wanted to add some masculinity to my everyday look. Have a “why” in mind before you grow something.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling 

What’s Good for Me? I’m sorry to say this, but not every man looks fashionable with a beard, mustache or stubble. All of our handsome mugs are different shapes and are only able to hold specific types of facial hair.   Before you grow a long beard or handle bar mustache, I would encourage you to consider what’s good for you before doing it. Let’s be honest, there are some men who can actually pull off wearing “chops” on the sides of their faces.


From My Personal Style Mentor Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style.com

What to Consider? A few things I would encourage you to consider before growing your facial out whether it be a beard, mustache, goatee, etc. First, am I willing to maintain this creative piece of artwork? A dapper gentleman never wants to sport a “shaggy” or “uncontrolled” portion of facial hair. Second, will it be acceptable at my place of employment? Even though you may maintain a very clean beard, mustache, or stubble, your place of employment may not agree with your manly display.   Finally, does your wife, fiancé or girlfriend enjoy kissing you with your facial hair? This can actually become a point of argument between the two of you.


Eric Bandholz Founder of Beardbrand.com

Shaping and Grooming. Every gentleman should groom himself on a regular basis. It helps with personal hygiene and it amplifies our personal appearance.   Grooming involves making sure that our facial hair, eyebrows, nose hair, chest hair, fingernails, toenails, and our “special” area is trimmed properly. Shaping is an art form for the dapper gentleman.   Whether you have a beard or mustache, you will still need to shape your facial hair. Shaping involves clean shaving all of those areas that have natural hair on your face such as your cheeks, lower neck, and sides of the neck. Whatever sweet man-face design you have, I highly encourage you to shape the rest of your face around that area. This will create a clean and presentable look to your facial hair.

Proper Care.   Once you have made the commitment to take your facial hair to a new level of dapper or for some of you…regain your man card, you want to take care of your hairy masterpiece so it lasts.  First, start exfoliating. Find a good facial cleanser and use it morning and night. LI personally recommend Billy Jealousy products. Literally in the morning and before you go to bed. For those of you who use mustache wax, like myself, make sure you wash it out of your mustache before you go to bed.   Second shave daily. Obviously if you’re growing an epic man beard you don’t want to shave that, but you do want to shape it. Create a “baseline” for your hair and shape it. Also find a good shampoo and conditioner for your beard and mustache.   Invest in some beard oil to keep your beard from frying out. The final step is to maintain. Maintaining is really a personal choice when it comes to how often. I personally maintain my facial hair twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.   This is what works for me personally.

Beards and staches are back gents and they can add a lot of character to your personal style and wardrobe. If we choose to neglect all the previous steps our facial hair can become intimidating to others. I would encourage you to explore the world of beard and mustache styles.   There are plenty of websites and YouTube videos on the web that can help.   I would love to hear and even see what you end up with. So leave a comment and post a pic of your epic beard or mustache below.  Finally I am excited to announce that The Dapper Gentleman is officially on Pintrest. Check us out, like us, and re-pin us. We appreciate your support. TheDapper or Jason Hotchkiss

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