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The Gentleman’s Hat

Men have been wearing hats for years with everything from baseball caps, beanies, and cowboy hats. Over the years hats have become a guy’s “easy access” accessory.   If a man doesn’t feel like combing his hair, he just throws a hat on to cover up the mess on his head. Hats are more than and easy fix for bedhead. Please understand that I am not stating that every guy has to own and wear a gentleman’s hat, but I would also encourage you to consider trying one.  Obviously “function” is always the first reason for wearing a hat, but if you want to take your personal style to a new level of dapper then consider adding a finer hat to your wardrobe.


One of the reasons a hat can be dapper on a man is because it sets you apart from everyone else.   Wearing a bowler or a fedora is rare now days.   I am a personal fan of fedoras. Hats like these can be very powerful tools of confidence when in public. When a gentleman wears a hat he is making a statement that he won’t settle for status quo.   The gentleman’s hat can also properly shield him from the elements of Mother Nature, such as the sun, rain, and wind.   Here are a few dapper examples of hats that you might want to consider wearing.

Types of Hats

The Fedora. The classic fedora is the “dapper” of all “dapper” for today’s gentleman.   The notorious Prohibition-era gangsters sported these hats. A real good quality fedora will be soft and made of felt. Each one will be creased lengthwise down the crown of the hat and pinched on both sides.



The Bowler or Derby. This is a classic favorite of mine, except I cannot wear it properly. It doesn’t fit my face properly. This hat is considered a British icon. Any man who wears one of these will feel proper and demands respect. This is a hard material that is made from felt. It has very short brims and rounded at the top.



The Porkpie. If you follow any of the Jazz-era “all-time” greats this hat is for you.   The porkpie hat was worn by some of the great jazz musicians of old.   The somewhat hilarious name of this hat is derived from its actual form looking like a porkpie. The brim is short and turned up and has a flat top.



The Flat Cap.   A great hat that can be used to spice up any man’s casual outfit. The flat cap can be paired with jeans and a T-shirt, chinos and Polo, and a pair of shorts with button up dress shirt. It’s very versatile. It’s round in shape with a small brim and high back.



The Trilby. Another hat that was heavily supported by jazz artists, but also worn with dressier styles is the Trilby. This American hat has a deep indented crown with a narrow brim. It is similar to the fedora and homburg.



The Homburg.   The homburg is almost in the same hat family as the fedora. It is less casual than the top hat, but dressier than the fedora. It has a flat band all the way around it and usually has a feather stuck inside the band.

Hat Etiquette

In the past few years’ hat etiquette among men has declined rapidly.   Gentlemen we need to regain what it means to be a gentleman in the modern age. We may look dapper in our new hat, but if our etiquette lacks then what’s the point.

Always Remove Your Hat :

*Standing in an elevator.

*When you enter a building.

*When you greet a woman.

*Enter a church.

*When speaking with another individual.

*When you enter someone’s home.

*When you attend an outdoor wedding, funeral, or graveside service.

*During the National Anthem.

Always Tip Your Hat:

*Greeting a friend or individual.

*When you say good-bye.

*Excusing your self to a woman, when passing by in a tight space.

*When you say “Thank you” or “You’re welcome.”

Hats are the final touch to your personal style and wardrobe. I would encourage you to explore the world of men’s hats and find one that suits you perfectly. Once you have found one you like remember to look for function, quality, and style. Enjoy your adventure of hat hunting guys.

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