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Breaking the Rules as a Gentleman

Building a men’s basic wardrobe is a simple task. You start out slow and over time add the main content to your wardrobe that is needed or lacking. Of course there are basic rules or guidelines to follow like color combinations. What happens when there’s a possibility to break those so-called “fashion” rules? Today we are going to discuss how to break the rules as a dapper gentleman. This isn’t a very huge article but it is packed with simple, but powerful style insights. Here are three fashion rules for you to break.

Rule #1: Black and Brown. Recently I was at an event and I was talking with a mother and her oldest son. They stopped me and she asked if it was appropriate to wear black with brown. I looked at her son and saw that he was wearing a pair of slim fit black jeans and a pair of light brown worker boots. I answered her and said yes, he can get away with this look. The truth is, what this young guy did was a simple start to incorporating brown with black. When it comes to pairing brown with black you will need to choose a brown in a contrasting tone. For example, black will always be dark. You will need an offset tone. Try wearing a black pair of trousers with a contrasting brown cardigan. Be a little bolder and wear a black leather jacket with a pair of chinos. If you really want to live on the edge wear a contrasting brown sports coat with a black dress shirt, grey dress trousers, and finish off that assemble with a pair of contrasting brown dress shoes.

Balckand brown

Rule #2: Suits and Trainer Shoes. I have to be honest I am not a huge fan of wearing trainers with jeans to say the least, but I am branching out. First of all, keep your trainers simple. Don’t try and wear obnoxious colors or different colored laces. Stick to plain and simple colors. Second, lose the belt on the trousers. Third, lose the tie. Fourth, do not wear them to the office unless that is standard office attire. Fifth, do not wear them with a tuxedo. Finally, make sure your suit fits and is properly tailored. Otherwise your trainers will only bring out the “bad” in your suit.

Ralphlaurne trainers

Ralph Lauren Trainers

Rule #3: Navy and Black. Anyone in men’s style will tell you that navy blue will go with anything except black. Today we will break that rule. The general concept here is when you put two colors together that create a dark target, it can mess with everyone’s eyes who are looking at your outfit. The reason for this is because they have too similar of a tone in color. Try creating a contrast between the two just like black and brown. For example, try wearing a light tone of navy blue, a black jean jacket and a pair of white pants. Put on a pair of blue jeans, black cardigan and a blue dress shirt underneath. It can be done as long as you contrast the colors.

Navyblueand black

Well gentlemen there it is. I have given you three fashion rules to break. If you have moved beyond creating and wearing your core wardrobe, it’s time to be adventurous and try breaking these rules. I would really love to hear from you and what rules are you attempting to break. Make sure you leave your comments below…

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