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The Gentleman’s Barber Part 2

In the last post I walked you through the brief history of barbers and barbershops. Then I took you through a list of good reasons why every gentleman should have a barber. All of this brings us to this article. In today’s post we are going to look at what every gentleman should know before he settles on a particular barber. Finding the right barber for you can be either a mistake that will cost you money, time and your hair, or if you know what questions to ask and what to look for you can save time, pay for good quality and walk away with a great haircut.

Gentlemen need to go to barbers who are reliable, skilled, and personal. Establishing and building a great relationship with your barber on a regular basis will give you a place to relax, a consistent haircut, and an enjoyable relationship. So where does a man start when looking to find a skilled and experienced barber?

Research. The first resource for finding a great barber is to ask people you know for any recommendations. There are a lot of men who use barbers. Seek out those men who always have incredible haircuts. They probably have a skilled barber. If you ask, I am sure they would be willing to tell you all about their barber. The second avenue to use would be to search online. The Internet is crawling with barbershops, but what about in your particular city? If you Google search “men’s hair cuts” in city “xyz” you might end up with some salons. I suggest you enter “barbershops” or “men’s grooming” in your Google search. Write down a few barbers and their shops and compile a list.

Experience. Once you have narrowed down your barber search the next step is researching their personal experience. Honestly any website or Facebook page can make a barber look fantastic, but the barber might only have two months of cutting experience. I know everyone starts somewhere at some point, but this is your hair were talking about. When I was in search of a barber, I called every barber from my list and asked how long he had been cutting hair. I know it’s a bold move, but you want a skilled barber. Start calling. It may sound ridiculous, but make sure to conduct a good interview. Ask him how long he’s been cutting hair and where he’s barbered. Ask the barber how busy he is. A skilled barber will have plenty of clients.


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Test Run. Once you’ve gone in and talked to a barber, you’re feeling like he’s not the right guy for the job, it’s so hard to get up and walk out. I suggest you give him a “test run.” How will you even know until he cuts your hair? A test run is to sit in his chair and simply ask him to clean up the hairline around your ears and your neck. You really can’t mess that up. If he does mess it up, it’s not the end of the world because it’s not too noticeable. This test run will give you an idea if he is the barber for you or not.

Cleanliness. This is a huge factor. Cleanliness speaks of your barber’s character and attention to details. Do some reconnaissance when you walk in. Look for these three things: sanitation, organization, and order. A true barber will make sure his shop is clean and orderly.


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Groomed. How well groomed is your possible barber? Seriously look over your barber and his personal hygiene. Is he clean shaved, trimmed facial hair, and a dapper haircut? If the barber has a chopped haircut and looks shaggy, he’ll probably give you chopped haircuts and shaggy shaves. A well to-do dapper barber takes his personal appearance seriously. He knows it reflects his character and business.

Questions. When you sit down in the barber chair for you hair cut it’s important to listen for the barber to ask you good questions like: “What do you want done?” “What don’t you like?” “What number do you want on the sides?” “Do you want to change your current style or keep it?” If you sit down in the chair and the barber starts cutting without asking you a single question, you need to keep searching.


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Memory. Every good barber has a fantastic memory.  My barber knows my name. Every time I walk through that door for a haircut, he greets me by my first name. He knows my hair. When I sit down in the chair for a cut, he always asks me questions before cutting. Of course I tell him “The usual please.” He knows exactly what to do, because he remembers. Finally, this is someone I am comfortable having a conversation with and look forward to seeing every few weeks.

Well gentlemen, I hope this helps you all in your search for a solid and dependable barber. In my next post I will be posting an actual interview with my personal barber.

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