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The Gentleman’s Summer Wear Part 2

O.K. gentlemen here we are in Part 2 of our summer wear article. In our last post we discussed some very important considerations when shopping for summer clothing. Those four specific areas are: Does it breathe; is it lightweight; does it protect you from the sun; and finally is it dapper? Hopefully you have taken this knowledge and started applying it to your personal style.

Today we are going to continue talking about your summer wardrobe, but we are going to get a little more specific. I was once asked by one of my readers what else is there to write about clothing? I told him that we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to men’s style and clothing. That is why in this article I am going to take us into the realm of “fabric.” Fabric is just as important as color, fit, cost, and function. When it comes to summer the question arises “What clothes should I wear and what cloths shouldn’t I wear during the summer?” Well let’s see.

Wool. Personally I am a big fan of wool, but who would really considers wearing wool as a hot-weather fabric? Most of the properties of wool make it the perfect fabric for winter because it’s thick and heavy. Believe it or not they have made lighter wool fabrics for the summer months. The good “take away” for wool is it’s easy to press unlike linen. It’s more breathable and dries quicker than cotton, and it looks the best and well put together as far as fabric goes. The downside of wool is it’s expensive, the quality will vary, and it is heavier than cotton or linen.


Wool Fabric

Cotton. I am guessing that the majority of you men reading this have your dressers and closets stuffed with summer cloths made from cotton. Honestly, who wouldn’t since its light, breathable and way more affordable than wool or linen? So don’t feel bad. Now I could seriously give you a significant amount of examples when it comes to fabric of cotton such as seersucker, twill or gauze, but I won’t. Let’s get down to business. O.K. the good elements of cotton are that it’s affordable and familiar to all of mankind. Second, it’s extremely easy to maintain. All you have to do is read the tag on your shirt or pants and follow the directions when washing and drying it. Finally, it can be very light to wear. The downside of cotton is that it can lose its shape in humidity and make you look saggy. It will act like a sponge and absorb your sweat.


Cotton Fabric

Linen. Linen is a fantastic fabric for the gentleman’s summer wears. Some guys are not fans of this fabric because it wrinkles too easy. When it comes to light, and breathable it’s great. The other benefit of linen is if you’re looking to dress dapper its texture will shine above the rest of your outfit. The “pros” of linen are it dries quicker than cotton or wool and it doesn’t retain any moisture. It is extremely lightweight, breathable and the texture is visibly different from the more common cotton or wool. The “cons” of linen are that it wrinkles and creases very easily. It’s very expensive and the life capacity of linen is less than cotton or wool.


Linen Fabric 

Silk.If you want to take “dapper” to a new level in your personal style then consider adding a little silk to your wardrobe.Silk seems to be the fancier fabric of them all. Good silk for the gentleman’s summer wear will need to be woven loose enough to let air in and out. Remember we want breathable clothing guys. The good thing about silk is that it holds colors well and gives a distinct sheen quality for the one wearing it. It’s smooth, comfortable and feels great. The other side of it all is silk retains moisture, it’s expensive, and wrinkles as well as very difficult to maintain.


Silk Fabric

Well there you have it men. The over all view of fabrics for your summer clothing.  You may not have found this article to be as inspiring as past ones, but knowing your fabric is just as important when it comes to men’s style.  If you want to stay cool this summer and look dapper at the same time, apply these to your style knowledge and you’ll have an amazing summer.

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