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The Gentleman’s Summer Wear Part 1

Where I currently live, spring seems to be teasing me with this beautiful fluctuating weather. One day I’m wearing a t-shirt and sandals and the next day I’m wearing my spring jacket and chukka boots. Regardless we all know that after spring comes the summer months. Summer for most of us means picnics, graduation parties and days at the beach, business BBQ’s and block parties.

The weather will increase in temperature and men all over will put something on with the intent to stay cool more than stylish. Let’s be honest. Summer is a rough time of the year when it comes to men’s style. In this article I will leave you with a few considerations to help you not only stay cool for the summer months, but look dapper while doing it. The question arises for us as men, when attending that casual outdoor event and those cotton dress shirts cause us to sweat, what should a dapper gentleman wear?

First we have to ask ourselves this question: “What matters when it’s hot, and what doesn’t.” There are things you should think about when it comes to summer clothing. Obviously your personal style and look is important, but so is the function of your clothing. You may look dapper in that button up shirt and shorts, but those giant wet pit stains under you arms and in the middle of your back will draw an attraction you don’t want. Consider the following to be the most important characteristics for summer clothing:

Does It Breathe. The most important function (in my opinion) is that your shirts and shorts breathe. In order for your clothing to breathe air needs to circulate over your body to remain cool. If you purchase or wear an article of clothing and the fabric doesn’t breathe well, it will trap both sweat and hot air near your skin. You want to avoid this. This will actually create rapid overheating and you’ll sweat through your clothing.

 photo 1-2

Light Weight. When you purchase summer clothes how many times do you really consider the weight of the material? Most guys are in such a rush that they quickly check the size, like the color, pull it from the rack and head straight to the cashier. You have the ability to change that. Give yourself a few extra minutes to go to the dressing rooms. Try on your cloths and feel the weight of the fabric. You want cloth that is physically light. I know this sounds ridiculous, but the less amount of weighted textile layered on your skin, results in less work you’re body is doing. This makes it easier for air to circulate.

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Sun Protection. Honestly, most gentlemen hardly consider sun protection when purchasing summer cloths. This is important to consider with what you wear.  Hats and sunglasses obviously help as well. Make sure to wear light colors. Light colors will reflect far more sunlight than darker colors. This will prevent your cloths from baking in the sunlight.

Deliberately Dapper. Gentleman in the past most summer outfits have been casualties of necessity and not style. You have knowledge now. You have no excuse. It’s time to stop throwing on shorts and a T-shirt so that you don’t just overheat whether you match or not. Looking dapper in the summer is just as much about the details. A nice pair of sunglasses, a well picked out hat, a nice pair of deck shoes, really make a difference. Think through and plan out the colors, patterns, textures, and accessories all together. Guys, there is a difference between dapper and just functional.Don’t be another hostage taken captive by the “overheated” dress code this summer.

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