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The Gentleman’s Dress Shirt

The weather is changing and that means our wardrobe as men is too. A dapper gentleman will always give his attention to the seasons because of the colors he chooses to infusion into his daily wear. You may decide to wear a dark colored sweater and dark dress trousers and look great, but on a beautiful summer day you’ll stand out in the wrong way. I remember one time before I understood anything about style I chose to wear a dark navy suit to a summer wedding. Aside from dealing with the heat and sweat, I was the only one who looked like I was attending a funeral among a sea of rainbow colors. When it comes to wearing dress shirts the seasons and colors do matter, especially to a dapper gentleman. Let’s talk about the seasons.

Summer. Summer is the time to pull out the light and bold colors of your wardrobe. First of all consider the fact that dark colors attract the hot sun. When you wear light colors you stay cooler and comfortable. When looking for quality dress shirts to wear in the summer season purchase material that is made from 100% cotton, linens and silk. These fabrics well help your skin breath and a less likely to wrinkle badly. If you’re wondering what colors or patterns to wear consider adding a variety of blue solids, blue patterns, reds, gold’s and even whites, but manage the whites well.


Forzieri Dress Shirt

Fall. Cooler weather starts to show its face during this season and then slowly increases. This is a great time for guys to start incorporating layers. Gentlemen choose to wear an earth tone color dress shirt layered with a cardigan. Keep in mind also that you can still wear blues, but more muted, but light brown or earth tone greens are good. Don’t be afraid to add some stripes with white mixed in or some more sophisticated looking patterns.

Stone Rose Dress Shirt

Stone Rose Dress Shirt

Winter. The majority of us know what old man winter is like, but we can make winter enjoyable with our personal style. Winter is the prime season to continue layering as well as dressing on the heavier side with fabric. Twills, flannels, and oxfords are the fabrics you want to use. Dark colors such as dark brown, black, dark grey, or forest green are your best friends during this cold season.

Armani Dress Shirt

Armani Dress Shirt

Spring. I personally am a fan of spring because it’s not only about seasonal “re-birth,” but it’s an opportunity to “re-birth” your wardrobe and personal style. Consider wearing white during this season, but not in the form of trousers. Be adventurous men and throw in a little pink, purple, light blue, and even some lavender. Also if you want to really go for a dapper look, wear some winter and spring tones together to create a transitional blend of the seasons. Trust me it can be done…I’ve done it.


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Let me leave you with one last piece of advice. You need to be confident in what you choose to wear. It’s sad to say, but people will judge your appearance based on how confident you wear that outfit. Be confident in wearing it because you know it looks amazing. Every outfit I wear, I’m confident that it looks fantastic. A true dapper gentleman wears his style with a confidence that causes people to notice.

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