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The Gentleman’s Collared Polo

One of my favorite shirts is the collared polo. The beauty of this shirt is that it’s a perfect alternative to a t-shirt. A gentleman knows no limits with a collared polo. When it comes to dressing dapper, the dapper gentleman can create numerous combinations with a polo shirt. Unless you’ve added some collared polo’s to your closet, your wardrobe is not complete.

The Polo. A standard polo will be lightweight and a nice texture to it. Keep in mind that your looking for quality so your polo should be made from 100% cotton. They come in solid colors, horizontal stripes, and will usually have some type of monogram on the chest. Generally these monograms can represent the product, a club membership, or even the intials of the owner. If you can afford this luxury go for it. It is a finer dapper detail. The sleeves will be hemmed or have a cuff made form the same material as the collar.

 Ralph Lauren Classic Polo

Ralph Lauren Classic Polo

How to Wear the Polo. Keep in mind a dapper gentleman knows how to wear his polo. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you wear a standard collared polo. You can wear your polo un-tucked, but it needs to be form fitting. A loose or baggy polo is unacceptable. Fit matters. There are a lot of young guys who wear their collars popped. Honestly guys, unless you’re on the golf course, the tennis court, or on the beach, wear your collar down. The reason for popping your collar is to protect your neck from the sun. If you think your popped collar is fresh, it’s not. It looks like you’re trying to drawn attention to yourself. When you know how to dress dapper, you will dress with confidence and you won’t need gimmicky looks.

Ralph Lauren Polo

Ralph Lauren Polo with Monogram

Your Personal Style. At the beginning of this article I mentioned the many ways a gentleman can wear a collared polo. First, it’s a perfect shirt for the summer months. Second, it’s a fantastic alternative to wearing a t-shirt. You can wear polo with jeans, khakis, or shorts. When wearing polo keep in mind the reason or function of the even you’re attending. If you’re going to the beach then wear some blues and whites. Third, don’t be afraid to replace a dress shirt with polo. If you know me personally, I usually wear polo with a sports jacket and a pair of jeans.

Polo & shorts

Ralph Lauren Polo

Add a few polo’s to your wardrobe men and keep it simple. Start with some simple and basic colors and expand from there. Every man should have several of these to keep his personal style and wardrobe dapper.

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