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A Gentleman’s First Date

Chivalry…what’s that? According to Wikipedia it is a code of conduct associated with moral and honorable code. It means putting others first above your self. Somewhere along the way we have lost this amazing lifestyle, but we can gain it back. Part of being a dapper gentleman is to know how to date a lady. This especially applies on your first date.

If you are going to date a woman then you need to stop dressing like a boy. Women want men, not boys. When you put time and effort in to what you wear you send a message to that special woman that she matters to you. That’s what a man does. Let’s be honest men, when you are out on date she is sizing you up and paying close attention to the details. This is why it is important to dress well. Our cloths can either send a good or bad message to our dates. Let’s talk about what to wear for each occasion.

Dinner DateThe Dinner Date. One of the more popular dates that involve a man taking his date to dinner and some form of entertainment after. First, do your homework. Before taking your date to a restaurant that you have never been to before, go and check it out. Take some time and look over the menu. Second, call ahead of time and make dinner reservations. Nothing speaks more about being lazy, then taking your date to a restaurant and encountering a surprising forty-five minute wait to be seated. Don’t be lazy. Call ahead. Third, dress well. This means if the restaurant doesn’t require you to wear a suit to dinner, you need to at least wear a blazer, pressed trousers, dress shirt, and the right shoes.

The Casual Date. This type of date can range anywhere from having a picnic at the beach to and afternoon lunch on a veranda. Casual DateLet me give it to you straight. Under no circumstances should you wear sweat pants or jogging suits to these functions unless it’s a date that involves a sports activity for the two of you. Do not wear faded or ripped jeans or a t-shirt. Sneakers or sports shoes are not permissible either. Keep in mind we dress like gentlemen. For the casual date you will want to wear dark colored jeans, pressed khakis and a collared shirt or polo. If you will be at the beach you can wear a nice pair of sandals and linen clothing.

The Etiquette. You can look dapper, but if you don’t know how to treat a woman right you’ve already lost your chance at a second Ettiquettedate. Here are nine points of etiquette. First, open every door for her except the bathroom door. Your date shouldn’t have to touch a single handle. Second, silence the cell phone and put it away, because you’re with a very important person in your life so every one else can wait. It’s rude to check your email, make or take phone calls unrelated to her, text, check your Facebook status, or tweet. Be a gentleman and check it when you use the restroom or excuse yourself from the table. Third, when sitting down to the dinner table, pull out her chair for her. When you get up from the table to use the restroom or to go get the car make sure you properly excuse yourself from the table. Fourth, reserve all of your bodily flagellants for the restroom. She doesn’t need to hear you belch the alphabet or smell what you ate for breakfast. Fifth, gentlemen chew their food with their mouth closed and only talk when they are not eating food. Sixth, be sure to retrieve any items she may drop. Seventh, if you have to walk up a flight of stairs, walk beside her, not behind her. Eighth, introduce her to people by her first name if you run into friends. Nine, offer to help her put her coat on. Finally, walk her to the door at the end of the evening without an agenda.

Grooming. A dapper gentleman is always well groomed. The smallest details will speak to others about your character as a man. I would encourage you to set a specific day aside once a week for grooming everything. Yes I mean everywhere men. If you have a smartphone you can set up a reoccurring time on your calendar that will remind you every week to groom. When it comes to facial hair please make sure you trim your eyebrows, nose hair, ears, mustaches and beards. If you have a mustache and beard, make sure you wash it, scrub it, and rinse it when you’re in the shower. Trim off any excess or squirrely hairs. Second, take care of your chest hair and armpits. Third, properly trim and file your fingernails and toenails. Forth, well, there’s only one place left and I will leave that up to your imagination.

The Haircut. Guys always get your haircut before your date. Don’t try and save money by justifying your un-kept hair as a new Barberstyle. She knows the truth. Your hair is an investment for yourself and her. I suggest finding a good barber to cut your hair and then schedule your appointments for every three to four weeks. Why a barber? First of all you’re a man, not a “Ken Doll” from a Barbie package. Second, you feel like a man. The place smells manly and you don’t come out of the shop smelling like you came from an Avon party. Third, barbers know how to cut a man’s hair and you get the same consistency. I used to attend one of those super salons, and I never had a consistent hair cut.

There you have it men. Honestly I could spend days writing about this particular subject, but sometimes what makes something better is having just enough to keep you moving forward. Please leave a comment, suggestion or request.

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