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The Gentleman’s Winter-Spring Wardrobe

Gentlemen the snow is beginning to melt and once again we are starting to see the green grass and sunshine that we have missed in the white and blustering season. This tells us all that spring is approaching quickly.   Sure the seasons are changing and that means our wardrobe will begin to change. What happens though when it’s winter conditions one day and spring conditions the next? It would be exhausting toput on your winter cloths one day and your spring cloths the next. In this article we will give you a few tips that will help you create your winter-spring style without juggling two different seasonal wardrobes.  Let’s get started.

Sunglasses.  Let’s start with a simple, but powerful accessory…sunglasses.  If you want to create a winter-spring wardrobe without being obvious start with a pair of sunglasses.  Gentlemen it’s a simple rule, if it’s sunny out, wear a pair of sunglasses. Choosing the right pair to compliment your face is a personal choice, but if you’re looking to increase you personal style, check into a pair of Ray Bans or rounded keyhole style sunglasses.


J Crew Ray Bans

The Beanie.  O.K. I know that the beanie has been associated with skate boarding and snowboarding sports and you’re probably asking how can this be dapper for a man? First of all I am not talking about wearing a beanie with an annoying oversized ball of yarn on the top of it. Look for a lightweight fitted beanie. Keep in mind there are still winter conditions which means we need to keep our head and ears warm. At the same time we can pull it off with class.  If you choose to purchase a beanie look for bright colors.  You can always wear your beanie with flannel, denim, and a cardigan; sweat shirts and even a pair of chinos.


Ralph Lauren Beanie

The Sweatshirt.  Please understand that we are not talking about “hoodies” branded with big letters, sports teams, racecars, or anything of that matter.  A sweatshirt that is knitted or is created from lightweight cotton is what you want.  A sweatshirt not only gives a breathable layer to your wardrobe, but also creates a clean line affect with your body instead of an oversized blanket with a hood. Start with classic greys for winter and add some pastels for spring.


J Crew Sweat Shirt 

Cotton Twill Trousers.  If you’re looking for a pair of trousers that can function with class and be interchangeable for a more relaxed look the cotton twill trousers are your best choice. Look to purchase a slim-fit pair that will compliment you body shape.  You can create a dapper look by adding braces (suspenders) to your trousers, a sports coat, cardigan, loafers, or chukkas.


J Crew Cotton Twill Trousers 

The Worker Jacket.  This jacket is constructed from heavyweight cotton and is durable. A worker jacket will offer you protection from the unpredictable elements, but at the same time without the “bulk.” It’s a great piece to help you transition from winter into spring.  Bring back dapper by wearing this jacket with a pair of rugged boots, flannel shirts, button down shirts, jeans and even trousers.

 Vetra #7wokerjacket

Vetra #7 Worker Jacket

O.K. guys these couple of suggested pieces will help you transition from winter in to spring with ease and you’ll look dapper doing it. If you have any questions or suggestions on something you’d like to read about please let me know below.

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