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The Gentleman’s Jeans

Well over six months ago I made a style mistake.  I neglected to pay close attention to what the fashion industry was saying about men’s jeans.  Confident in knowing my measurements and knowing what style my last pair of jeans were from 3-5 years ago I decided to go jean shopping.  Thinking that the relaxed boot cut style of jeans was still at the top, I purchased a pair.  Let’s just say my option for “flare” was not well received.

What I mean by this is the masters of fashion didn’t reject me, but my personal style had changed over the years and those jeans stuck out like a sore thumb in my wardrobe.  Jeans play an important role in the lives of most men.  Therefore it’s important to not only understand your personal style but also understand the jeans you’re about to incorporate into you wardrobe. Before you go and purchase those epic pair of jeans you’ve been saving for here are a few things to consider.

First, keep in mind that some manufacturers have made some jeans for different functions.  Look closely before you buy.  Some brands create their jeans with Western influence, or skinny jeans or that helps out around the waist for someone with a much larger one.  Either way if you are a gentleman older than 30 you need to use caution when considering purchasing a pair of skinny jeans.  Remember to dress your age gents.


Levis 514 Relaxed 

Second, keep the weight of the fabric in mind. You want to land a pair of jeans that are balanced.  That means you don’t want material that’s too heavy or so light that it will rip or tear. If your jeans begin to rip only after 6-9 months, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you bought low-quality pair of jeans.


Levis Slim Fit 511

Third, be sure to select the correct color.  Jeans now days come in a variety of colors and different shades. I would like to encourage you to start with a darker color jean and then branch out from there. Keep in mind you want a pair of jeans that you compliment with a sports jacket at the same time. Stay away from odd bright colors and look at adding earth tones into your wardrobe.

Forth, name brands are nice, but no one is paying attention to your clothing tags.  Pay for quality and not a name.  Instead focus your efforts on labels that put their efforts into quality materials, solid construction techniques, and offer great value at a good price. These types of deals are out there, but you have to take your time and search for them.


Finally, lets consider the styles.  Relaxed fit jeans are good, but only a little.  Make sure your jeans are close to your body, keep the shape of your knees and never expose your calves.  You can get relaxed fit jeans in a straight leg version and even tapered. Stay away from the stone washed jeans that look like your mom accidently spilled a bottle of bleach on. Look for jeans with a subtle hint of “wash” to them.  Please do mankind a favor and stop reliving the nineties with your acid wash jeans. Turn them into cleaning rags for your garage so you can earn your “man card” back.  If you score a pair of white jeans, I encourage you to do your research before wearing them with just anything.  They can be worn, but with the right clothing options.


Stone Washed-Don’t Wear These…Ever

If you are interested in more information on jeans and style please send me a comment and I am more than glad to help you.

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