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The Gentleman’s Sport Coat

I have a confession to make.  Cloths and dressing dapper never mattered to me before.  Don’t get me wrong I made sure that I was always dressed appropriately.  One day that all changed for me.  I listened to a casual friend’s podcast about men and their personal style and it literally changed my life.  It changed my life so much that dressing dapper has become my personal motto.  That causal friend is actually my personal style mentor now.

Why am I saying all of this?  Well things like, jeans, shoes, pocket squares, ties, and sport coats never made much sense to me nor did they matter.  Now articles of clothing like the sport coat do matter.  If you’re reading this blog then clothing and personal style matter to you as well and most of all having knowledge about sport coats should matter as well.

Blazers, suits, and sport coats.  What is the difference?   In the next few articles we will break down what each one is and how you can tell them apart.  Today we will focus our efforts on understanding the “sport coat.”  Gentlemen it is sad to say, but suits seem to becoming less and less in our modern society.  As much as I’m working to bring dapper back, it isn’t easy.  The great news is that the sport coat will keep you looking dapper among your peers, co-works, friends, and family without over dressing.

Suits, if worn in the wrong atmosphere can create a false appearance making you come across as “stuffy.”  The sport coat on the other hand, can do the opposite.  It brings a great a balance to your wardrobe that says you care about the way you look, but you’re approachable.  It’s important to keep in mind that we can look dapper, but if we are repelling people with our appearance instead of drawing them in, we have failed.

The sport coat will have two inside pockets and an outside pocket.  When wearing a sport coat, I highly recommend filling that outside lapel pocket with a pocket square.  If you haven’t read my article titled “The Gentlemen’s Pocket Square” I suggest you take a look at it.

When is it an appropriate time to wear a sport coat?  Here’s a simple rule.  Anytime you attend a party (with out a stressed dress code), meetings, dates, etc.  Really the opportunities are endless, except to weddings and funerals.  A suit should be worn to both of these events.  Keep in mind that once you have felt out the atmosphere of the event, you can always remove the sport coat if you feel out of place.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss 

Lastly gents, if you don’t have at least one sport coat in your wardrobe, you need to purchase one.  If you’re wondering what color or pattern to start with, let me suggest a plain lined charcoal grey sport coat.  Charcoal grey can be worn in the winter and summer months.  The lining will keep you at the desired temperature and charcoal grey can always make an appearance with many other colors and patterns.

Take some action today.  By now you should know enough, not to take a fist-full of money randomly into a store and play Russian roulette when purchasing a sport coat.  First give yourself a price range for that desired sport coat you’re wanting.  Second, create an achievable timeline.  Let’s be honest with ourselves.  We will procrastinate and never save the money for the coat.  Give yourself a decent timeline to make that desired purchase.  Finally, shop around in stores or online and know what you want.


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