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The Gentleman’s Shave Part 3

Good day gentlemen.  Today we continue expand our knowledge and experience on the topic of shaving.  A few articles ago I posted on the subject of shaving.  In the past articles I have talked about the importance of shaving, shaving creams and soaps, and today we will focus on the “straight razor.”  If you didn’t read any of those past articles I encourage you do so.

The straight razor also known as “open razors” or “cut-throats” or “barbershop razors” have been around for a long time.  They were actually the first available razors ever.  A straight razor is a shaving blade with the ability to be folded into the handle.  The straight razor maybe called a razor, but they’re more like a knife to be honest.  One wrong move on your sweet looking mug and you can butcher it.  There are two types of straight razors: ones with a permanent blade that will need maintained and ones with disposable blades.

Most men today do not use a straight razor and if they do it’s more because it’s a personally hobby or tradition, like me.  I am a huge fan of the straight razor.  If you so choose to start using this type of razor to restore your “man card” then I suggest you take some serious time looking and learning.  Here are a few tips I would like to suggest from my personal experience.  First, start by watching as many videos of others being shaved by a straight razor.  It’s truly an art form that you will hopefully come to appreciate like I have.  Second, before going all out and purchasing everything, find a traditional barber who actually does straight razor shaves.  Go a few times to get used to the feel of the blade against your skin and even listen to the cutting of your whiskers.  It’s an intense feeling.

Once you’ve decided to commit to shaving with this beautiful crafty man tool, you need to investigate what it all entails.  You have two choices when it comes to straight razors and I suggest you study both, before you commit so you can save time and money.  First, there are straight razors that have permanent blades.  These generally cost more and can range anywhere from $80.00-$700.00.  Also they will need to be maintained on a regular basis with the use of a strop, oil, and sharpening stone.  This means you will need to take lots of lessons so you don’t ruin your blade.

 The second choice is disposable razors.  I have one of these and a permanent blade.  I personally prefer using my disposable because it requires less work and I just don’t have the time to maintain it properly.  These blades simply require normal razor blades and usually you can buy your blades in bulk for less.  Disposable razors will generally run you anywhere from $30.00-$60.00.  If you’re looking for a “starter razor” I recommend you begin your journey here.


Shavette Razor

If you’re looking to purchase a straight razor here are a few recommendations of solid quality razors.  Please keep in mind that quality and use come before price.  The reason for this is because we’re talking about your face.  Everyone sees and views your face on a regular basis.  In my personal studies and experience I will suggest to you is Dovo.  Dovo lasts a long time and is still affordable. I also recommend the Shavette razor.  This is actually a hybrid and what I use.  It is a form of straight razor, but holds disposable blades.  I enjoy the use of it because it’s lightweight, no maintence is required, and affordable in price.

Straight Razor hold

How to Hold a Straight Razor

Thanks for joining me gentlemen.  Please leave a comment below and let me know what you learned from this article as well as what else you’d like to hear more about.  Thanks again for your support.


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