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The Gentleman’s Cardigan

Today we are going to explore the simplicity of a handsome and versatile garment that every man should have in his wardrobe.  It’s called the cardigan.  I am personally a huge fan of the cardigan.  I enjoy its creative look as well as its many interchangeable uses.  A cardigan is a knitted vest or sweater that buttons down in the front.  These fantastic garments can replace a jacket, can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, and is a smooth option that can be worn indoors and out doors.

When searching to purchase a cardigan, we need to realize that there is more to this sweater with buttons in the front.  As you’re perusing the stores or online there are a few characteristics to look for.  First, they are knitted.  Some come knitted in heavy or light yarns.  Second, all cardigans are V-necks with no chest pockets, but usually have a pocket for each side, and finished off with full length sleeves.

Classic cardigans come in a variety of fabrics such as wool, cashmere, cotton, and acrylic.  Make sure you pay attention to the buttons of your desired purchase.  Traditional cardigans always have buttons that are made from horn, mother or pearl, or wood.  Most modern ones are made with plastic buttons.  These are still good, but a lower quality.


Brooks Brothers Cardigan

Please keep in mind that “fit” is one of our foundations for personal style and wardrobe.  A great bonus about the cardigan is that it’s flexible and will form to your body.  It still needs to fit though.  A proper fitting cardigan will fit the shoulders, taper down through the chest and abdomen area, and then widen a little around the waist.  Make sure your cardigan always covers your belt and doesn’t show your shirt cuffs.

Cardigan suit

Finally, cardigans are meant to be adventurous.  This means that there are a variety of style options to explore.  For example you can layer a sport coat, cardigan, dress shirt, and a tie.  The options are endless.  I’ll leave you with one more tip.  One of my personal online stores is Frank and Oak.  Their clothing line fits well, is solid quality, and they have an amazing selection of cardigans.  Anything from Frank and Oak is a great investment in my personal opinion.  Also I would love to hear back from.  What other things would you like to see some posts on when it comes to being a dapper gentleman?  Leave me a comment and I will consider posting an article in the future.


Frank and Oak Cardigan

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