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The Gentleman’s Under Garments

Today gentlemen we are going to take a trip down under and I’m not talking about visiting Australia.  I’m talking about journeying under our shirts and trousers to rethink the importance of the gentlemen’s under garments.  That’s right guys what you wear under that top layer of clothing really does matter.  Again follow my analogy of cars.  The car you desire to drive my look sweet and powerful on the outside, but what matters most is what’s under the hood.  Think about it.  Do you want a fantastic looking car that has engine problems?  No one does.

The under garments of every dapper man truly matter.  Why?  Under garments are the first layer or foundation of our comfort and also can affect our wardrobe.  I will explain that further down below in this article (No pun intended).  Let’s define the simple, but powerful function of these cloth treasures.

The function of undershirts and underwear are to absorb our sweat and provide a protective layer between our bodies and our investment of clothing.  Hence why these garments matter.  Please also understand that a good undershirt or pair of underwear can also provide a “slimming” affect for our clothing as well.  Call them what you want, but regardless their main functions are to be a “catch all” for our sweat.  Let’s discuss the various types of undershirts first.

The White Tank TopI have to be honest.  Gentlemen if you want to take your personal style to a new level of dapper then these undershirts should never make an appearance anywhere near your outer layer within your wardrobe.  The only time they should see Imagedaylight is when you’re dressing and undressing.  Keep them tucked in at all times and keep your dress shirts buttoned high enough that the neckline isn’t visible.  If you’re looking to purchase these types of undershirts, please keep in mind that the armholes are cut very large and do not leave any underarm protection.  The only areas it will absorb sweat are on your back and chest.

The Crew Neck T-Shirt.  This type of shirt works well for an undershirt.  It will provide you with solid sweat protection.  I personally notice they work real well when they are fitted close to the chest and under theImage arms.  In my personal opinion I am not a fan of the high neckline.  If you plan to wear a dress shirt or any button-down shirt, you’re in danger of that white neckline being exposed.  If you choose to wear this type of undershirt with a button down shirt, you will need to keep it buttoned up all the way to hide your undershirt.

The V-Neck T-Shirt.  The V-Neck T-Shirt is one of my personal favorites.  I started replacing all of my crew Imageneck t-shirts with V-neck t-shirts.  Doing this enables me to leave my top button undone without letting the white background of my t-shirt stealing all the attention my shirt should be getting.  Guys this is the most logical and practical option for your undershirt purposes.

The Long-Sleeved T-Shirt.  A T-shirt with long sleeves offers the same as any V-neck or Crew-neck, but also provides insulation for cool weather along the arms.  The bonus to these articles of clothing is that they can be used as layers in outfits.  I do not suggest you try wearing these by themselves.  Instead of looking dapper, you will look underdressed.

Finally men, this article wouldn’t be complete without a quick overview of underwear.

The “Whitie-Tighties.”  Gentlemen let me start of by saying if you own even one pair of these hideous articles of clothing, do the rest of mankind a favor and destroy them.  They may have been good for your grandpa, but they’re not good for you, your wife, your children, or anyone who knows you.  Times have changed and so has underwear.  Enough said.

The Loose BoxerThey usually come in solid or various colors as well a plaids with the brand name written around the waistband.Image  They are very comfortable and probably the most relaxed type of undergarment a man can wear while sleeping. The down side of the loose boxer is that is doesn’t offer the needed support for working or sports.  Another major disadvantage is they can cause your crotch area to look puffy.   Keep in mind as well that they will wrinkle along the thighs, and most of the time will result in a “wedgie” feeling.

ImageThe Boxer ShortThese boxers offer great support for working and sport.  If you’re sitting down all day they will remain in place, form nicely to your thighs and adjust to your body seamlessly.

I have one last piece of advice men.  Remember when searching for these important garments to keep in mind the following: quality first, fit second, and price third.  For good quality I would suggest trying Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, or Tommy Hilfiger.  If you’d like to purchase good quality for half the price, check out your local TJ-Max or Marshal’s store.


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