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Men and Their Accessories

Who would’ve ever have thought that those two words could actually coexist in the same sentence.  Some of you reading this are still in shock and awe.  That’s right “men” and “accessories” within style will always coexist.  Go ahead and clear your throat and wipe the sweat from your forehead.  Guys, we are going to talk about accessories, but from a gentleman’s standpoint.

At this point, you have been progressing a little at a time towards purging your closet, creating a list of what you need verses what you want, building your wardrobe, shopping according to your personal style and searching out your Yoda.  All of this has led you up to this next step…accessorizing!  Accessories are important if you are going to take your personal style to a new level of dapper.  I have a list for you today, so let’s keep it simple and get to it.

Jewelry.  All rings, necklaces, and earrings fall under the umbrella of jewelry.  In this article we will simply cover “rings.”  These crafted pieces of metal, leather, copper or wood actually make Ringpowerful statements of who we are as people.  Rings are communication devices of our character and attitude.  They may vary in size and price, but some speak of our relationships status, social status, and religious affiliations.  Here are some tips to consider when deciding to wear a ring as a man.

  1. Don’t “church” it up.  As a professional minister “Sundays” are known as “our big day.”  Everyone gets dressed up in their best wardrobe to attend their local church.  What I’m trying to say is don’t get too fancy with your ring choices.  Keep your rings simple in their style.
  2. Compliment.  Keep in mind that the metals you choose to wear should always compliment your wardrobe.  Wedding bands are always the exception no matter what.
  3. Know what you’re wearing.  If you are wearing a ring that has meaning, you need to know what it represents and why you’re wearing it.

Watches.  Timepieces have been around for a long time.  Honestly I could dedicate a whole article to watches, but I can’t.  Watches are the same as wedding rings.  You can wear them anytime and there are pretty much no exceptions except to a black tie event.  When you choose to wear a watch make sure you pay attention to the color of the band so it compliments your outfit.Watch  When you decide to purchase a watch, make sure you do your homework and stay away from malls and outlets.  Most salesmen know only the basic “need to know” knowledge of the watches they sell.  If you desire to know more about the particular watch you want to purchase they may not be able to assist you.  Shop around in the right places.

Belts.  Here is a real complex rule for wearing belts guys.  If your pants have belt loops, then you need to wear a belt.  Belts Beltsare a personal choice of taste.  Keep in mind that your shoes or sandals should always match your belt.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a belt for your wardrobe.

  1. Watch the length of the belt.  Most belts that you buy “off the rack” fit for specifics.  An easy way to overcome this issue is to simply pick your belt 2-3 sizes bigger than your normal waist size.
  2. Buckles.  These all come in different shapes and sizes.  Just make sure that when you pick out a belt, consider how the buckle with compliment your wardrobe and personal style.  You don’t want a belt buckle that keeps everyone’s eyes focused on your crouch.
  3. Colors.  Start with the basic brown and black colors for your belt.  Once you have one of each, then feel free to be adventurous and branch out into other colors.
  4. Quality.  When buying a belt always look for quality.  You want your belt to made of soft leather that has some flex to it.  If you bend the belt and it cracks or is brittle, don’t bother with it.  Finally make a slight indent into the leather with your fingernail.  If the indent stays it’s good leather.

Wallets.  Every man needs to carry a wallet.  They are simple, lightweight and have great functionality.  When you purchase a wallet quality is always top priority, but so is the way it Money Clip Walletfunctions.  First, make sure you avoid the “overloaded” wallet.  We have all seen or own one of these disasters.  An overloaded wallet stretches out our trousers, suit coats, weighs us down on one side, and causes back issues over time.  Second, whatever wallet you choose should have function for the following: I.D. cards, cash, medical cards, and business cards.  After those needs are filled, here are some options to add on with: membership cards, photos, and other random things.

O.K. men that should be enough to get you started accessorizing!

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