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Who’s Your Yoda?

Hello gents.  Recently I sent you out and away from your closets with a mission.  Hopefully  you chose to accept it and          actually went to some stores and explored a little.  So the next real question to ask is: Who’s your Yoda?  That’s right, Yoda.  Most of us have heard of this little green miniature Zen-like warrior.  In my personal opinion he is one of the best characters in the Star Wars movies.Yoda is known as a Jedi Master.  He is the one everyone seeks after to learn from and Yoda the one who teaches those who have a desire and passion to learn.  Every Jedi Youngling looks up to Yoda, because he is a mentor and one who influences.  We all need a mentor in some area of our lives.  When was the last time you thought about having someone mentor you within the area of your personal style?

Let’s talk about influence verses mentoring when it comes to your wardrobe as a man.  We all need influence and mentoring should always be a considerable option for us.  Let’s define the difference between the two first.

Style influence is an inspiration that consists of resources such as movies, books, magazines, and celebrities in which we pull and create our personal styles from.  There is nothing wrong with style influence.  We all do it in subtle ways.  Usually we read a magazine, watch a movie or see one of our favorite celebrities wear an outfit or article of clothing and the wheels in our minds start moving.  There are many benefits to this type of influence when it comes to our personal style and taking our wardrobe to a new level of dapper.

Motivation, Creativity, and Fresh.  Reading, perusing, watching, and studying our avenues of style influence can act as motivators, give us creative ideas and keeps us fresh with style.  Some of my favorites style influences are guys like   Daniel Craig and Jude Law.  I spend time watching what they wear in movies and studying their personal style.  It creates opportunity for me to be creative and push the line in my wardrobe, to be adventurous and try new looks.  In the same manner watch movies, read some books, or glance through a magazine and increase your style influence.

 Style mentors are individuals that you have relational accountability with, who coach you in the area of your personal style and wardrobe.  If you have never considered investing in a style mentor and taking your wardrobe to a new level of dapper, you should consider it.  Gentleman, dressing dapper is a lifestyle, not a hobby.  Mentors are great because they motivate, invest into you, encourage you, have knowledge beyond the norm, and literally can change your life.

Why should you consider investing in a style mentor?  Well speaking from personal experience it creates accountability.  Having a style mentor births an accountability that requires action to follow through on our part.  It moves us from just talking about dressing better to actually building a better wardrobe.  Second, it’s relational.  This means that you actually have conversations with a real human being.  Don’t get me wrong, but it’s better than watching a YouTube video.   Relationship brings with it trust, knowledge, and experience.  These are all qualities that a YouTube video, magazine, or book cannot give.  Finally, nothing speaks louder than tested knowledge.  A style mentor is someone who lives this out on a daily basis and has been tested, tried, failed, and been victorious.  If you’re serious about taking your personal style to a new level of dapper, then I encourage you to check out a one of my personal style mentors below.

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