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Dress Like a Man

Let’s be honest for a moment. There are a lot of men out there who still dress like boys.  I know that sounds harsh, but its reality.  Just take a look around without being judgmental.  There is a wardrobe for everything we just need to know how to wear it.  Gentlemen, it’s time we bring dapper back and start dressing like men.  Think about this.  Women want to date and marry men, not boys.  Companies want to hire men to work for them, not boys.  When you get dressed in the morning, afternoon or evening, you want to feel like a man, and not a little boy.  Let’s pause a moment and remember “why” we want to dress like a man. Creating our own personal style and taking our wardrobe to a new level of dapper:

  1. Creates confidence in us.
  2. Makes us feel good about ourselves.
  3. Causes others to see us in a positive way.
  4. Creates motivation.
  5. Sets the atmosphere of our work environment.

These are all just a few examples of “why” we want to dress like a man. In this article today we are going to break down all the “hype” of what it really takes to dress like a man.  It’s a lot simpler than you may think.  Let’s do this.

Know your measurements. Guys I cannot stress this enough, you need to know your measurements. Most of the time when we purchase a button up shirt, polo, trousers, or T-shirt off the rack or shelf we generally pick small, medium, large Tape Measureand so forth. This is a start, but not the end. On top of that, we’re generally in a hurry, so we take what the tag says at face value and skip trying the shirt or trousers on.  Once we try it on at home we find out that our most recent epic purchase is too baggy, too tight, or puffy and tight in unwanted areas.  Simply put, our cloths need to fit us.  Men should wear cloths that fit their body type.  Trousers that bunch around the ankles or sleeve that are too long, need to be adjusted to fit you personally.  If you don’t know the measurements of your entire body, prepare yourself for a future of creating painful wardrobe malfunctions. Knowing your measurements enables you to save time, money, and embarrassment.  You can either do the measuring yourself or go to a tailor and have it done. You want the right fit. Do it now.

Quality.  In previous articles I talked about quality verse quantity. Let’s unpack this concept a little more. There is a reason why we want to search for quality when dressing like a man.  Money doesn’t grow on trees for most of us. We have limited amounts of it.  If we are going to spend money, why not spend it on quality that lasts instead of wasting it on low quality items that will cost us more to replace a lot quicker.  When was the last time you tried on something or felt the quality of the fabric that was made by Ralph Lauren or Kenneth Cole?  There is a difference between that and a shirt or pair of trousers from Target (No offense).  Some of my personal favorite brands are Ralph Lauren, Kenneth Cole, and Calvin Klein because quality and fit are critical to me gents and the same should be for you.  In the future I will be posting some articles on where to find quality clothing at an affordable price.  One of my clothing mentors always says: “Buy the best you can afford.” There are many avenues to purchasing high quality out there, which I will talk about later.

Budget. If you are going to dress like a man and bring “dapper” back you are going to need to start a budget for clothing.  Hear me when I say this.  I don’t mean get a separate job to support your clothing habit.  This is a lifestyle.  Creating a clothing budget means to strategically set money aside for specific purchases.  If you haven’t read my article entitled The “A” List now would be a good time before reading any further.  Your clothing budget should be created from your “A” List men.  I will let you in on a little secret of mine. The only items on my “A” List in my wardrobe that I pay full price for are my shoes, boots, and loafers.  I will explain why in another article.  The reason I suggest a clothing budget is so you can delay impulsive spending.  Store sales are not always your best friend.  Work on building your core wardrobe first and then add to it.  In essence save for what you need first and then save for what you want second. The last thing you want to do is purchase with credit.  Save and pay in cash. You’ll thank me later I promise.

Remember guys, if you want to dress like a man it will take some action steps and sacrifice on your part, but it’s worth it.  Just review your “why.”

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