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The “A List”

When we hear phrases like “The top ten”, “The A-Team” or “Starting line-up” our minds fill up with thoughts about being the best right.  Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment.  We all want to be the best at something or bring our “A Game” when it’s time to play.  In the same manner, increasing our personal style and taking it to a new level of dapper is a motivation to bring our “A Game” to look great on a daily basis.  That means we have to have an “A List.”

What’s the “A List?” Well there are actually two lists. The “A List” and the “B List.” A while ago when I had a mindset change about personal style and the desire to bring “dapper” back, I realized that there were so many different types of clothing that I honestly got overwhelmed.  The key in all of this men, is to make sure you don’t become overwhelmed by shirts, trousers, shoes, jeans, sweaters, pocket squares and so on. See how easy it is to overwhelm your self.

How did I keep my sanity? I created the “A List.” The “A List” simply consists of my wardrobe “needs.”  My “B List” consists of my wardrobe “wants.” For example my current “A List” consists of black Oxford shoes, one pair of dark slim-fit jeans, and black Chelsea boots. My “B List” consists of one charcoal cardigan, brown leather sandals, and a few casual button-up shirts for the summer months.

Guys if you don’t have an “A List” and a “B List” I suggest you create one right after reading this post.  Here’s why I am so big on the “A and B List.”  First of all, creating your “A List” helps you narrow your focus and pinpoint what you need in your wardrobe.  Right now it’s winter.  The last thing you need to waste money on is another t-shirt for your summer wardrobe collection.  Especially when your feet are suffering because you don’t have a good pair of winter boots.

The second reason is the best…your “A List” helps you save money. Who can ague with saving cash? Not only does your list fine-tune your needs, it helps you save money for what you need instead of spending it on what you want. Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind when you’re creating your “A List.”

Know your personal style.  If you don’t know what your personal style is by now, you need to search out some influence. You won’t be able to create an accurate “A List” if you don’t know your personal style.  One way you can find your personal style is to search out what your favorite actor, singer, or sports figure wears.  Do a Google search, be a man and find your style.

Quality verses quantity. Gentlemen this is half of our battle right here. We obviously want to save our hard earned money, so we typically invest into quantity over quality.  Getting more “bang” for your buck doesn’t always pay off this way.  Clothing is an investment.  That’s why you’re reading this post, because you care enough about what you’re wearing.  Save your money and invest into good quality clothing.  In the end you will save money and the heartache lost clothing.  Men, know what you have in your closet and create a wardrobe that is interchangeable.

Brands. Study the brand names that are out there.  Please just don’t settle for wearing the brand your man-bros are wearing.  There is more our there than Nike T-shirts and sports jerseys.  Remember this is a personal investment of your time, money, influence, and appearance.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to know what is good and wear it.  Find a few name brands and research their companies.  Investigate how they make their clothing.  Are their shirts hand sown or by machine?  Do you like the feel of the fabric?  Are the buttons sturdy or cheap plastic?  These are just a few questions out of hundreds to be asking.

I hope this has been a help gentlemen.  Good luck and take some action.  Create your “A List” and “B List” today.

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